Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Minnie Mouse Birthday

It has come to that time of year when yet another Birthday is closing in fast, no not mine that already passed, but my daughter's fourth birthday. Last year she requested a Rapunzel themed birthday. She talked about it for an entire year before it even happened and I had a great time putting all of the details together to give her a party she would be thrilled with.

This year though, she wants a Minnie Mouse party, a green Minnie Mouse birthday party. Since Green is her favorite color at the moment, it makes perfect logical sense to her that everything should now be green.....everything.

I started out designing her a simple invitation that conveyed the essence that is Minnie with her ever popular bow and made it green to keep the babes satisfied!

Now if some of you have  noticed I am not online the way that I used to be. This is because I'm at that stage with my kiddo's where I am basically not allowed to do anything short of hang with them. If I do get to sneak off for a bit to do some side work, I am quickly reeled back into my role as Mom as shouts, screams and non-stop requests  of  "She hit me", "She won't share.", "The baby is climbing", "The baby took off his diaper.", "Can I have some juice.", "Can I have a snack." keep me far to occupied to complete a whole though in my head, never mind create a blog post.

I want to be present for them in all things that they do cute and slightly annoying, so I make the choice to go and hang with them and do the things we do. But every once in a while they are fed, content and occupied long enough for me to re-visit this blog of mine, where  I can share some of my newer creations that I have been making.

With three kids at my heels most of the waking hours my main mission in life at this time is to keep things simple. Long gone are the days of me being able to find ample time to make wonderful edible creations, now I need to be smart and like I mentioned keep it simple.

Like the toppers I made for her party. I wanted to make all sorts of sugar creations with the ears and bows, but then I realized.....

#1- She's four
#2- She doesn't care if it's made from fondant or paper.
#3- I'm the only one who will get nuts.
#4- As long as it's green I could put crumpled paper on top of the cupcakes.

So I compromised with my need to be creative and and easier less painful method to keep the theme alive and created these toppers.

They are made to coordinate with the invitation.

 I was a lucky girl this past Christmas and the hubby purchased me a Silhouette Cameo Starter Bundle Kit , which allows me to now make a lot of cut items that I no longer have to hand cut.  I have a lot to learn as my designs are still very simple, but I am excited to see what I can come up with in time.

I made a green version, per the birthday girls request...

And because I always love a mixture of colors when it comes to decor I went with a pink bow as well.

When I showed m daughter the pink bow, she looked at me like I had somehow gone crazy and explained to me that "Pink is not her favorite color...green is." I told her we would be using both at which she really emphasized to me how much that pink was not her favorite color :)

I will be making some other themed stuff to go along with the party, some stick toppers for the cake pops and such, which I will share when I am able to at a later date.

I will be offering these in my Etsy shop at some point in the near future, I just need to figure out some details. But I will offer them in  a variety of colors which can be seen here.

 A swatch like this is always a great resource because one can print it at home to see what the final resulting color will be. Different screens project slight variations in colors, so I like to be safer than sorry :) If you are interested in purchasing these items please feel free to contact me directly. The cost for the toppers at this point would be in the range of $10.00 USD per dozen, plus the cost of shipping. Invitation price would depend on the amount needed.

I hope you enjoyed this post!!! Hopefully I will see you again sooner than later, because I have some really big news to share in the near future!!

Be well!!

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