Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Busy Mom of Three.....

I have three kids. Ages One, Three and Five.

My hands and arms are figuratively and literally full.

Life as I used to know it pre-kids has changed in more ways then I could have ever imagined. I used to think a SAHM had tons of time to do things like, sleep, shop, watch TV, go to the gym, then I had kids and that illusion was shattered into a millions and one screaming tantrums. My day starts at 6:30 am (If I am lucky to sleep that late) and ends about 10:00 pm. Within that 14 hour or so time span, 90 percent of it goes to my kids, leaving very little time left for me.

The one area I still struggle with accepting as a permanent change, is the total lack of time I have for myself.
But I have learned a thing or two along this path of Motherhood and being a SAHM.  Number one is to be smart, there are so many services and so much information available to help those like me on a tight time frame, still get done the normal everyday grind type of things AND find the time to do stuff for me.

Two of these things is finding time to exercise and to eat right.

I joined a gym earlier this year only to discover my little guy wanted nothing to do with the daycare and would scream and cry until the daycare people would come and get me, this would be a hot 10 minutes. So the gym was pretty much a wash. I have scoured the internets for many different at home workout routines and food recipes that align with my nutritional beliefs. But discovered it took up more of my precious little time I had and got old quick.

So when I was oofered to partner up and check out a site called Grokker, I was sort of kinda like "Wowzers!!!this is perfect!!!!" And just so you know, I would never write or review something I myself have or wouldn't use, but this got me excited and I decided to scream from the mountaintops (or my kitchen) all about it and maybe direct someone else in the same predicament as me when it comes to time.


Grokker is the expert video network for high quality, expert-led instructional videos in three key wellness areas:  YogaFitness, and Cooking. Grokker makes it easy and fun for enthusiasts to find the time to practice personal wellness, gain mastery of new skills, and develop authentic connections to expert instructors and other enthusiasts via our community programming. At Grokker, we produce our own top-quality videos in-house, featuring expert yogis, chefs and trainers/fitness instructors hand-selected by Grokker’s editorial team. There are 1000+ premium videos available on Grokker today with new videos released daily.

I hurt a thigh muscle a few months ago, shockingly chasing after my kids and it was suggested by my Physical Therapist to add some yoga into my normal stretching routine, to help keep my muscles flexible. I have found a few videos scattered about online, but I am loving that there are a ton available for me to choose daily!! Their yoga videos have been helpful in allowing me to learn new techniques, which is the only thing that has helped me in becoming more flexible. I have not been able to take advantage of their huge selection of fitness videos as of yet, because my thigh muscle is prone to re-injury, so those have been put on the back burner for the moment.

As for recipes, I do quite a bit of recipe development on my own, but more often then not I don't have the time to "try" a recipe I find online, I also am an amateur at best when it comes to cooking, so the cooking videos they offer are amazing.  I like being able to see techniques and learn new ways to prepare food.Like most people I want something that is good, sometimes healthy ;) and tested by others.

Step by step clear instructions, that demystify some of the areas of cooking I am not really up to par with. The best part of this site is that it is fully customized to what you like; want to see more culturally inspired recipes, fine!


Want to only see fitness videos, no problem.


Want to learn the basics of yoga or learn a new type of flow, sure thing!


It is tailored for the user, which means that the Grokker user experience their own interests and preferences by “loving” specific videos. This is perfect for me who has a tendency to get distracted by things that are of no interest to me. I just want to get things done and find what I am looking for without having to navigate and sort through a lot of unwanted information.

So for those of you looking to find the best videos as well as awesome instructions, give this site a go and save yourself the hassle of looking in a million different places for the information. They have it all in one place!!

If you would like more information, you can learn more about them {{HERE}}...

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