Thursday, March 6, 2014

Baby Bird Nest Cookies

I can't wait until the spring arrives! I am SO over being stuck in the house with three kiddos. I know I am creative and all, but there are only so many indoor activities that can be done, before one just starts seriously craving fresh air and sunshine, like junkie craving their next fix.

Okay maybe I'm not that desperate, although I can attest to those type of cravings and the need for spring to shimmer its perfume scented sunshine all over me is pretty darn close.

In the hopes of making spring arrive sooner I though I would "pretend" it's spring and make something to reflect that and I'm pretty convinced that thing these darling little bird nest cookies do it just fine. Do you see those little birdies, just relaxing together waiting to be eaten!! They are Cadbury eggs so the chance of their survival is really like zero percent.

I have seen many versions of little bird eggs in a nest, but never have seen actual birdies in the nest, so I though they were a nice fun addition. Super easy to make, like stupid easy and yummy to eat. 

Read along, grab the recipe and full how to make as I share all of this bite sized fun with my latest guest post over at  Bake it Up a Notch !

Enjoy it!! 

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