Friday, February 7, 2014

Peas Be Mine Valentine's Day Printable

I happen to be slightly "crunchy" when it comes to what my kids eat, although certain contents of this blog may suggest otherwise. Some of you may not know but I was/am one of those breastfeeding, baby wearing, co-sleeping, make my own organic baby food types of Mama's.

Even now as they are older I try to avoid processed sweets/foods on a daily and serve them organic fruit and veggies as snack. I'm not saying this is the way to do with your kiddo's, it's just what I do with mine. I make them every meal and rarely give them processed foods and none of that makes me better or worse than anyone that  also does or does not do this.

With that said, holidays tend to be the exception to the rule in regards to sweets and I often make them all sorts of fun super sugar (non-organic at that!) laden treats for school parties, but decided that this Valentine's Day I would do things a little different and try my best to parlay some healthier choices for all the kids.

 I figured their parents would totally appreciate me and sing my praises for making the decision to finally bring some healthy alternative to a holiday that is synonymous with chocolate and sugary sweets and the kids would as be super excited to get a bag full of peas with this cute printable on top!

Too far?? Just for the record  as much as I would love to torture my children and justify this as a form of early karma as I send them skipping into school with fists full of these and have them sprinkle a bit of cray cray on their school party, I am not the craziest Mom on the block. 

But a part of me finds great humor in the reactions of the kids after receiving a bag of these crunchy, healthy treats. This is the face my daughter made when I told her this would be the Valentine's for her class, as peas happen to be a not so favorite of hers.

Could you imagine the looks on the face of the kids as packages of these were handed out. I have visions of "Ewwww gross" and "I don't wan't THIS" echoing throughout my brain and it make me all sorts of giggly to think of the faces.

Peas be mine free printable valentines

But in all seriousness although I may be slightly crunchy, I do allow sweets in moderation and these free printables are so much more appealing with CANDY!!!

They can be printed out on a standard sheet of 8-1/2 x 11 sheet of paper and come four per sheet.

peas be mine valentines day printable free

But listen, I am not Judy Judgermister, so if ya wanna use them with peas go on with your crunchy self and do your thing! 

And "peas" enjoy these whichever way you decide to use them!!

You can print out the toppers from {{HERE}}

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