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Heirloom Cookie Sheet Giveaway

I've been a bit more distracted from blogging/baking/playing around mindlessly on facebook as of late than normal, reason being that I met with a nutritionist about a month ago who suggested I try a lower calorie diet to battle my after kid bulge that despite my best efforts will not go away.

I have made huge dietary changes in the past few years trying everything from low-carb, no carb, paleo, grain free, all organic...and the list goes on. With not much success regardless of sticking to whatever plan I was implementing in my life at the time.

But after I was told I would develop diabetes sooner than later if I didn't get rid of the weight, I decided to forgo my internet research/education and go see an endocrinologist and nutritionist to see if I could regain my former self (or better self) with a bit of conventional medicine and nutritional advise.

I was put on a medication to help me balance my fasting blood levels and it was suggested by the nutritionist to count calories.

And I was all like count what???

I have been counting everything but that for the past few years, so the idea of reverting back to that type of "dieting" was nothing I had thought of. I had just cut calories after my first and dropped all the baby weight, but that did not happen after the second or third. In  fact I gained more and more with each pregnancy, which if you don't know was three in less than four years.

So I'm giving it a try. I won't be the once thin, now fat chick lamenting about her weight loss/dieting woes, but I did want to just tell a little background in case you may see some "healthier" lower calories recipes (shudder) on the blog.

 So far I have lost a bit of weight, so it seems promising but counting, weighing and measuring ever bite of food that goes in m mouth is beyond exhausting. So much work for so little loss each week, just doesn't seem right. So many hours in a day are spend planning meals and exercise, that not a lot of time has been allowed for things such as this blog, which by the way has a lot of items that do not fit in my calorie budget.

I remember in my twenties I would just snort a lot of questionable things up my nose and dance for days. Never had weight issues then! But that type of behavior isn't even an option anymore!!!

****Sigh***** being a grown up with self respect, morals and self worth is really hard sometimes

Whatever...it is what it is and I will go along with it if only to avoid future complications with my health later on.

Just wanted to get that ALL out before I get to the fun part of this post which is a giveaway! I was contacted a few months back by Heirloom Cookie Sheets to be part of their new cook book. I was given a cookie sheet to bake my cookie on them and was pleasantly surprised at how awesome it was.

Typically I use a silicone baking sheet or parchment paper when I bake cookies, but I did not need either of these using the Heirloom Baking sheet and  what I got was perfect, evenly baked cookies  that came right off the baking sheet.

Every. Single. Time.  Awesomeness!

So because they are so fabulous and so generous they agreed to give away one Heirloom cookie sheet and one copy of the recipe book.( Which I'm in...just saying )

So please enter and see if you are a winner.

Giveaway will run through February 10, 2014 12:00 am est. One winner will be chosen at random. Winner will be announced via rafflecopter and emailed..

Good Luck!

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