Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Easy to Peel Hard Boiled Eggs

For the most part due to health issues I eat a grain free diet. It allows me to keep my blood sugar in check and helps me on my path to rediscovering my waistline. ( I know it;s there, it HAS to be!! ) I also know that is somewhat weird considering I write about the most sugar laden things possible.

But that is the irony of what I consider my life to be.

Anyhoo I went away on vacation in October and completely fell off my grain free wagon. Strangely enough I happened to land smack dab into a fluffy delicious, moist stack of pancakes and there I stayed for two weeks straight, well there and the beach too.

Gluttony at its finest.

Now that I am home I am moving back towards the grain free life (AHHHHHH I miss it) which for me means eggs...lots of eggs. They are packed with nutrition and have a great punch of protein to keep me from clawing my way out of sugar highs and lows.

And when I mention eggs, I mean hard boiled eggs.

Now there is one thing that I cannot stand about them, and that is keeping them intact while I peel them. Most times it's like chipping away at an iceberg and you are left with a weird picked at egg shape and a million and one thousand teeny, tiny egg shell pieces. I've tried all the suggestions I've seen around, alas none worked.

But while making them I found out something on accident. And now my hard boiled eggs peel easy and effortlessly every time.

Wanna know what I did????

I cracked them.

I found this out after I had dropped one and it cracked a bit. Out of the whole bunch it peeled super easy, so I put this new found information to the test.

They peeled easy after they were boiled.

AND after they had cooled in the fridge overnight!!

Just keep in mind when doing this, just make a small crack in the egg.  You don't want to break through the egg and have it oooze out when you are boiling them, you just want to almost disrupt the outer shell. Different eggs will yield different results, as some shells are more sturdy then others. . And how I do it is fill a pot with water, add eggs, bring to a boil for 7 mins. and remove from heat and run through cold water.

Easy, easy and no more hard to peel eggs!!

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