Thursday, October 10, 2013

Happy Zombie Cupcake Cookies

I would like to welcome Lorraine of Lorraine's Cookies for joining us today for another "Write with Me" post. I LOVED her Pumpkin non-dairy Ice cream recipe and this post looks just as fun!


Hi everyone I'm Lorraine of Lorraine's Cookies! Today I wanted to share this adorable little cookie I made. I was inspired by Marshfellows’ charm of this happy zombie to create a cookie.

This is how you make it.....

Steps 1 & 2:

I used a #2 tip and thicker than flood consistency icing to pipe an outline on the frosting part /top of cupcake. I used a combination of electric green , ivory and warm brown to create this zombish color which I used from Sugarbelle’s warm autumn palette of colors. (I love it so much) Then Flood the top part and let it dry for several hours if not overnight.

Step 3: The next step I used a 1.5 tip but you could use a #2 tip as well and piping consistency black icing to create the details you see.

Steps 4 & 5: Next I outlined the wrapper in a russet orange colored thicker than flood consistency icing and a number 2 tip and flooded the whole area. While still wet, I took the same black stiff icing and piped vertical lines down the wrapper.

When that was done , I outlined the whole wrapper in black. And Voila, your happy zombie cupcake cookie is done.

Thank you Lorraine for sharing this fun and festive cookie tutorial. Perfect for the Halloween season!
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