Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Zombie Eyes {{Free Printable}}

Yesterday was one of those days that I realized that it is super  important that grocery stores make a drive thru option. Now to clarify, it wouldn't be a normal type of drive thru where you would do all your grocery shopping done.

It would be exclusively for SAHMs of multiple children that made yet ANOTHER trip to the grocery store (Three times in two days thank you very much) for the one or two items they are bound to forget shopping with little ones.

People have told me to use a delivery service and stuff like that, but I like seeing and choosing my own food. I just do, maybe that is weird but whatever it's me. And it's not the madness of food shopping with three kids that I don't enjoy, I find that part actually funny and slightly amusing :) It's the getting the kids in and out of the car. Again and again and again through out the day. Sometimes it's 12 ins and outs of the car, that my friends take a toll on ones back.


So now can you see why my drive thru option is valid. Just imagine driving up to the window where there would be a long line of other Moms waiting to order, " A gallon of milk."  I would say laughing with a wave of my hand. "The item I actually came here and forgot....again" And me and the window guy would just laugh and laugh at the irony of it all with him telling me "Same story all day long , by the way your hair looks fabulous today Mrs. Powers."  Now that my friends, that is service :)

 It would be perfect. Anyhoo, lets move on.

With Halloween only a day away I wish I had gotten this up sooner for you all. But as is life, it does happen and sometimes I can't always get everything I want and need done in the short 24 hours of a day. Since as I mentioned above I spend eleven thousand hours at the grocery store forgetting everything and the remaining few hours of the day putting my kids in and out of the car.

 I originally saw this idea on Souffle Bombay and tweaked it a little an also added in the fun printable, that just brings the whole idea together as an awesome  favor for my pre-schooling kidooddles.

These are super easy to make and are a perfect treat, because really who doesn't like salty and sweet???? (If that is you, please don't feel the urge to chime in mmmkay..thanks :) )

Here is what you will need to make the pretzel bites.....
  • Square mini pretzels ( I used  Synders Butter snaps)
  • White chocolate candy melts
  • Black Sixlets candies (You could use M&M's also)
  • Red sprinkles
  • Cello bags that measured 6 x 3.75 inches

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. While the oven is preheating lay out your pretzels on a baking sheet.

Add a white chocolate candy melt to the top of each one.

Bake in the oven for 4 minutes. As soon as you take them out add the red sprinkles. Just fling them randomly around.

Add in a black sixlet to each.

Let fully cool. As they cool start printing and getting the printable ready :)

These print out on a standard sheet of 8 1/2 x 11 printing paper and there are six per sheet. All you would need to do is print, cut them out and attach to bags. I used cello bags that measured 6 x 3.75 inches. I fold the tops over and then attach the printable with a staple.

Perfect favor for Halloween!!!

The printable can be printed out from {{HERE}}

Thank you and I hope you enjoy!!

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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Fall Fun Giveaway with a Cash Prize of $1200

With the holiday season approaching faster than warp speed on the Enterprise (Star Trek geek here!!) It's also a time of year where money seems to flow out more than it flows in. My kids are super spoiled so we tend to overspend during this time of year.

With the success of the Back to School Giveaway I was able to be a part of a few months back. I am pleased to be part of yet another fabulous giveaway. This time yet another cash prize of $1200 will go to the winner. Open worldwide, it's a great chance to win a couple of extra buckaroos before the spending frenzy of the upcoming holiday season. It could also be a way to  catch up on some bills or the extra cash you need to take a day to yourself and go shopping :)

A giveaway with a prize of this size would not be possible without the cooperation of many participating bloggers and small businesses. They include Spaceships and Laser Beams, Mighty Delighty, Strawberry Mommycakes, Design Dazzle, Partystock, Go Against the Grain, j'adore Lexie Couture, Michelle's Party Plan-It, This Little Mama, Petite Bebe, Unlimited Party Themes, Hello My Sweet, Party Printables, Modern Moments Designs, I Will Invitations, Krysta Steen, Vintage Confections, Young Adult Money, Giggledust Parties, Party Patisserie, Artchoo, Party Dime Time, Bison Bleu LLC dba Printable Parties to Go, Yumtastics, Pretty Little Treasures, Angelina's Dream Parties, The Kids' Dept., The Purple Pug, Paige Simple Studio, Fancy Cakes, LLC, Party With the Warriors, Greyson Design, WorldWideParty Design, A Little Pixel, Made by a Princess, anna and blue paperie, The Pretty Party Shoppe, Flaired Affairs, Marie Louise - Candy Buffets and Events, and Creative Designs by Toni. And that's not even everyone! Be sure to check out the Rafflecopter form for a complete list of bloggers and small business owners who have so generously contributed!

$1200 Fall Fun Cash Giveaway
October 24, 2013 at 12:00am - November 18, 2013 at 12:00am
Open Worldwide

PRIZE: One winner will receive $1200 USD payable via PayPal
Eligibility and Rules: This giveaway runs from 12:00AM ET on October 24, 2013 to 12:00AM ET on November 18, 2013. It is open to individuals over the age of the majority in their home country. The winner will be chosen randomly through the Rafflecopter form. It is the sole responsibility of the winner to adhere to all laws in their respective country, which includes payments to any governing tax body. This giveaway is void in any country where it is prohibited by law.
Claiming Prize: The prize will be sent via PayPal. The winner must claim their prize within 48 hours of receiving notice. If you do not claim your prize within this time frame, your entry will be void and another winner will be drawn. And that would be such a shame! Please ensure that the email spaceshipsandlaserbeams [at] gmail [dot] com is on your "safe list."
Disclosure: This giveaway is a blogger-sponsored event that is in no way affiliated with PayPal, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram or any other social media channel. If you have questions, email Stephanie at Spaceships and Laser Beams at spaceshipsandlaserbeams [at] gmail [dot] com.

Please use the Rafflecopter below to enter!

None of the entries are mandatory but remember that the more entries you do, the more chances you have to win.
(If you're running low on time, you can come back as many times as you like to finish the form and optimize your chances.)

Good Luck!!!

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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Frankenstein Frozen Yogurt Bites

If you know me I'm all about doing the same thing in fifty different ways. It keeps me occupied and my kids entertained. Which is a win win for every one. These are a simple and fun way to add a little Halloween holiday fun in to your kids snack time!

Frankenstein frozen yogurt bites.

This is what you will need....
  • Greek Yogurt ( Plain of flavored)
  • Green food coloring
  • Chocolate sprinkles
  • Black pearl sprinkles
  • Medium size plastic bag or plastic decorating bag.
  • Wax paper
  • Cookie sheet
I just use one container of yogurt as I find it's enough to make a lot of these little Frankenstein s. Mix the container of yogurt with you food coloring until you get it to the shade of green you want to use. Line a cookie sheet with wax paper. Fill a plastic baggie or a decorating bag with the colored yogurt and snip a small hole in the corner. 

Pipe out rectangular shapes for his head onto the wax paper lined cookie sheet

Add some chocolate sprinkles for his hair.

And then insert two little sprinkles on either side of his head for the bolts.

Now add in the black pearl sprinkles for the eyes and one sprinkle for his mouth.

Put the entire cookie sheet into the freezer for about an hour. When they come out they will be perfect for snack time!!

They do melt fast so be sure to eat them quickly :)

Hope you enjoy!!

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Monday, October 21, 2013

Pumpkin Patch Tombstone Cookies

With my two older kids in school for 2 1/2 hours per day, I have been getting a little more time to myself. This is good as I am able to actually extract some of the creative ideas racing through my mind , instead of hoping that one day I might find the time to make them!

The best part of it though is that I actually get time to think a few thoughts..... in a row and remember them. Miracle.... major miracle since it has been longer than I can actually remember that this has happened (I'm thinking before kids!)

 I have wanted to make some sort of dimensional cookie for Halloween and after mulling about a few different ones in my mind, I figured that these Pumpkin Patch Tombstone Cookies would work!!

Fun, Easy and something a bit more then just cookies that can add to any Halloween themed celebration!!

This is what you will need..

  • Sugar cookies ( I recommend {{THIS}} recipe HIGHLY)
  • Decorating tip 233 (grass tip)
  • Green food coloring
  • Black food coloring
  • Pumpkin Mello Cremes
  • Green or Orange Candy Melts
  • Small paintbrush
  • Toothpicks

For the cookies I used basic circle shapes for the base and hand cut the shapes for the tombstones. Not the best picture, so I apologize, but it's just so you get an idea.

Now before you even bake these, this is where you can have some creative fun. Take some of the uncut dough and add it to a small bowl. Add some green food coloring and a little water and mix it up until it becomes almost a soft paste.

This is what you will use to create the grass look in the bottom part of the cookie. Put this in a decorating bag and attach the grass tip. If you don't have a grass tip or a decorating bag, you can always use a plastic baggie with a small hole snipped from the corner and pipe the mixture onto the cookie in squiggly like lines. Leave a little space in the middle clear, as this is where you will be assembling the tombstone onto after it has all been baked. 

Now for the  tombstone part of the cookie, paint with the black food coloring using a small paintbrush or toothpick whatever message you would like to have on it. I choose the typical R.I.P, since it's so easy If you don't have black food coloring you can just imprint onto the cookie using a toothpick.

Now bake your cookies!! While they are cooling you can get your pumpkins ready to be attached. I sliced a few a bit slanted so that they would sit a bit askew next to the gravestone.

When your cookies are completely cooled you can begin to assemble them. Using some melted candy melts pipe a small amount into the empty area of the cookie.

Immediately attach the tombstone.

And do the same thing for the pumpkins, do not add too much candy melts or they will ooze through.

Now you have a fun Halloween themed treat that is a bit more fun than a plain cookie!!


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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Boo Bites by Tami Rena's Cookies

This weeks ""Write With Me" guest is none other then the super talented Tami from Tami Renā's Cookies. Join in on the fun this week as she shows us how to make some adorable Halloween themed treats AND a fabulous free printable to go along with it!!


Hi everyone! I’m Tami from Tami Renā's Cookies. I met Morgan over a year ago in a facebook group we belong to and have been stalking following Mighty Delighty ever since.  She had me with her Jack Skellington cupcake toppers and her attention to detail with her photography. I am always in awe of someone who can do as much as she can do and inspire people while doing it. So you can imagine my excitement when she asked me to do a guest post during my favorite time of year!  

Have you noticed how most ghost cookie cutters look the same? Now I have no idea what a ghost really looks like.  As a matter of fact, I would rather not meet one. But if I did run into one, I sure hope it’s as cute as this one:

In the spirit of Halloween, I thought I would show you how to make these “Boo Bites”.  In fact, I am even going to share with you the printable to top your goodie bags!!!!!  

Supplies Needed:
  • Your favorite sugar cookie recipe (If you do not have one, you can go to the recipe tab on my blog here and try the one I use)
  • Royal Icing (you can find the one I use here)
  • Elephant or Duck cookie cutter
  • White 15-20 count icing
  • Black 15-20 count icing
  • Orange or color of your choice 15-20 count icing (optional)
  • Flower sprinkles (optional)
  • Snack bags
  • Boo Bites Printable (I will share with you at the bottom of the post)
To make the ghost, start out with a duck or elephant cutter. 

Trim your dough as you see below, using a sharp knife.

After your cookies are baked and completely cooled, you are ready to get started. Since I wanted this project to be quick and simple, I chose one consistency icing.  So you will be piping then immediately flooding. Using your white icing, pipe an outline of the ghost:

Immediately flood and pop any air bubbles that may surface with either a toothpick, boo boo stick or as you see pictured here, a turkey lacer.

Now using your black icing, immediately pipe the eyes and mouth on the wet icing.  This is called the “wet on wet” technique. Start with one eye..

And then the other.

When the eyes and mouth are finished, it’s time for them to dry.  Depending on where you live, drying times may vary.  I always like to play it safe and say 12 - 24 hours. 

After your cookies have completely dried, you can either bag them or add a few fun details. I love these sprinkles from Wilton.  

And since I love these sprinkles so much, I decided that in my world there are girl, boy and even baby ghost.

I added a flower on the girl, piped a little bow tie for the boy, using a black edible marker to make the dots on the bow tie.

After details are done and dry, you can bag your ghosts into snack bags. I found that three ghosts fit perfectly into these bags. And as I promised, here is your very own “Boo Bites” bag topper.  Just click on the picture below to either download or print.

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial.  Come by and visit me anytime at Tami Renā’s Cookies or on my facebook pageThank you Morgan for inviting me today and thank you for continuing to inspire all of us around you.

Wow!!! Thank you Tami for such a wonderful and fabulous post! Sure hope you will come and write with me again!!! And don't forget to stop on by her Facebook page and say Hello!!!

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Monday, October 14, 2013

Purrfectly Simple Halloween Cat Cookies

I've been lucky enough to virtually cross paths with such incredibly talented edible artists all over the world  this weeks "Write with Me" guest is no exception!! Join along in creating with these adorable decorated cookies!! Perfect as favors or treats!!


Hey sweet friends! I'm Michelle from Make Me Cake Me! I love simple cookie designs that are beginner-friendly and come together quickly. Last Christmas I did a Simple Design series with Easy trees, simple snowflakes, and cute cocoa mugs showing that you certainly don't need lots of royal icing bells and whistles to create a festive and impressive cookie! 

 Inspired by Bake at 350's Hello (polka dot) Kitties , these Halloween cat cookies keep the simple style going and will no doubt bring smiles to trick-or-treaters and costume party goers alike.

 By the by, I seem to have a thing for cats lately and orange cats in particular. I consider myself a dog person, but that may simply be because I'm allergic to cats. If I wasn't allergic, I'm fairly certain I'd have a cuddly orange cat at home. Better yet, she'd be a touch grouchy at times because as my friend Mike put it, "There's something charming about a bothered cat."


 Grab sugar cookies and your icing bag because it's time to decorate! 
  • Piping icing, Americolor Orange 
  • Flood icing, Americolor Orange 
  • 20 second icing, Americolor Bright White 
  • Piping icing, Americolor Super Black 

Starting with orange piping icing, outline the entire cat. After 15 minutes or so, flood the center and while the icing is still wet, drop in white dots using a number 2 tip. 

Wait at least a couple hours or better yet, overnight, before using black piping icing to add a bow to your cat's neck. That's it! A Halloween cat that's super cute and purrfect for beginners!

This cat cutter is from Wilton's 50-piece Animal Pals set and was also recently used by Sweetambs to create a more realistic cat cookie. Of course, other cat cutters will do the trick and I love the cutter that Bridget of Bake at 350 used to make her polka dot kitty cookies.

~~Thank you Michele so much for sharing this fabulous tutorial with us. (She makes it look so darn easy doesn't she!!!) Please take a minute to visit her blog to see all of her wonderful work and don't forget to stop by her Facebook page and say hello!!

And remember if you have an idea for a post or would like to submit a post of your own, please feel free to submit your post  idea {{HERE}}

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