Thursday, August 22, 2013

Summertime Update

I haven't been working on my blog so much in these last few weeks of Summer. Mainly because as I mentioned a few posts ago, I am really working on getting my health to a better state and part of that means not experimenting in the kitchen with sweets. I've also have just been trying to sllloooowww down and hang out and do fun stuff with the girls, because they both will be in school come fall and the there will not be as much time to just relax and randomly paint in the backyard on a bright sunshiny day.

And the babes, is now ten months and as cute as ever, is starting to try walking. He gets a few steps and stumbles and gets back up smiling as big as ever, he is a such a great baby. I've been working ideas in my head for his first birthday, which is also my first boys birthday.  The hubs and I decided on a aviator theme for him, which should be lots of fun!!

But with all of this great stuff thats not to say that I haven't been baking, I still am but am focusing more on aligning myself with things and activities of the non-sweet persuasion. I am happy to say that with my dietary changes and the vitamin and mineral supplements I have been taking daily, my fasting blood sugars are measuring lower in the morning.

I do my best to get in as much exercise as I can, which with three little kids does not means sweating it out in the gym alone like t used to pre-kids, more often it means piling them all in my monster of a triple stroller and heading out for daily walks. Pushing close to a hundred pounds around in a stroller for 30-45 minutes is a decent  workout.

But because walking around in the stroller is  not super exciting for them, we tend to go to town so the can walk around and have some fun too!

I've been working on a few parties, including a new version of the Snow White Party, which I should have up on the blog soon and there are many other parties I am in the midst of designing in the upcoming months that I am excited to share with everyone.

I don't have much to say, except "Thank You" really.

Thank you to all that continue to support my creative endeavors here on the blog and through my Facebook page with all you commenting, sharing and liking. All of those actions continue to help me grow and to move closer to my goal of being able to create full time.

I hope everyone is enjoying the last few weeks of summer and that you all are getting as excited as I am over this upcoming season, because I have a lot of fun stuff to share with you all!!

See you soon!!

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