Friday, August 9, 2013

Finding a path back.....

I've been in a funk, one of those I feel so sorry for myself it's hard to function type of funks. But since I am no longer twenty something  with 0% responsibilities, I don't have the opportunity to indulge in self pity the way that I may have once upon a time.

Kids will do that to you..... present you with a sense of responsibility and help you (hopefully) realize that the world does not revolve around you.  I have mentioned more then a few times the issues I have with balancing my fasting blood sugars and what the steady rise of them in the morning most likely forecasts for me health wise. If you missed that or that is too much to think about......let me put it simpler. Diabetes, I am looking at a future riddles with the health complications of diabetes.

And that my friends is depressing.

But like I mentioned above, I don't have the luxury of indulging in depression or funks or any kind in any way what so ever. I try to live in a way that when life hands you a difficulty or a challenge to embrace it and use it to better yourself. That mentality has served me well in so many ways. The solution as Doctors have suggested is simple enough, just lose the weight. Which after my first was no problem, I dropped 45 pounds  within 6 months of her birth only to get preggers again.

After my second, I took off some of the weight......

BUT  it was a lot harder. And now after my third it has just been damn near impossible.

Now let me tell you I have done everything in my power to help this process along, despite all the processed sweet treats I may post about, I eat healthy ;all whole, real food and I exercise..... but to no avail. That gets very depressing and old fast, especially when you put so much time and energy doing the right thing and doing your very best to restore yourself back to a healthy weight only to realize that your body is in such a state of disarray that it WILL NOT respond at all.

Freaking depressing.

I have never been satisfied with what is and decided to take matters into my own hands to discover what could really be going on with me. Because the only solution doctors offered was lose weight (duh) and a future of medication, which I am not interested in...at all.

Though a lot of investigation I stated to realize that the problem wasn't dietary, because I watched my carbs. ate little to no sugar and yet, my fasting blood sugar was still out of wack.  I realized it had to be something deeper, and I started doing a bit of research on how my body actually works, thank goodness for that streak of science geek in me that loves to learn about human physiology, which led e to the root of it all my hormonal system.  More specifically how it is supposed to work and why it may not be working properly.

What I discovered is a lot of information, which really focused on depletion of certain vitamins and minerals in my body, which will be  for another post but I am happy to say that with the use of some simple vitamin/mineral supplements I purchased at my local vitamin store, within a week my fasting blood sugars have gone down from 150 to 97.

That is amazing :)

And the weight is starting to go down as well.......which offers me just enough hope to go forward. I miss making all my treats and experimenting in the kitchen, but I also know that is very dangerous for me to be doing right now.

Unless I am baking for someone else, I steer clear of my own treats and my sometime insane desire to create new things.

I just wanted to let you know I'm still here, just trying to get some footing on my health. I love my life and my kids and I also know in a weird strange twist of fate,  that if it was not for them I would never have discovered how off my diet was and how I have the power within myself to find a way to make myself better than before!

Thanks for still reading along :)

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