Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Parmesan Crusted Yellow Summer Squash {{Grain Free}}

If there is one thing I absolutely adore about the summertime, it's the selection of fruits and vegetables available to my family locally. I do buy produce in the grocery store, but it has been my experience that often tie its hit or miss.

I mean have you ever eaten a tomato for the grocery store????

There are days I actually get frightened that my kids will never, ever realize that a tomato actually taste like something (all veggies and fruit really) instead of those hothouse grown, picked before they are ripe, waxy tasteless imitation tomato's sold in the big chain supermarkets. I guess when stuff is mass produced some of the details like actual flavor and taste get lost in the shuffle of big business.

Anyway, my little man is beginning to experiment with table food and I want to be sure I offer him as many selections of veggies and fruits the summer offers. And I am also trying to get the two older girls to "try" more  veggies. Honestly, I didn't do my part as a parent in regards to veggies with either of them and fell prey to the easy allure of overly processed foods. I am now trying to phase all crapola from their diet...but it's hard to break junkies of their habits :)

Back to the point and the post, I can ramble on and on, but eventually I get to the point, like these Parmesan Crusted Yellow Summer Squash.

Trust me, make them and you won't be sorry! I was inspired to make my own version using a mix of Yellow Summer Squash and some Zucchini after reading a recipe on JoyFul Abode. My husband and I decided (well, I decided for him) that we would give grain free living another try. I find I feel better and my blood sugars regulate better. I am teetering on the edge of developing diabetes, so it's very important that I pay  super close attention to my diet and I have found that grain free works for me in relation to this.

I took a trip out to the Eastern part of Long Island with the kids to check out a farm stand The Garden of Eve which sells organic produce and plants grown on the East End of Long Island. I do prefer organic when I can get it, so this was an opportunity to get some locally.

And I found thee lovelies there! Aren't they beautiful...and begging to be covered in shredded cheese and baked until yummy and crispy!!

To make them this is what you will need....

2 medium Yellow Summer Squash
Coconut flour (about 1/4 cup more if you  are making more squash)
A splash of heavy cream (if you have it, otherwise milk or half and half)
A dollop of sour cream
2 Eggs
Parmesan Cheese grated ( I also mixed in Romano cheese.)
Foiled lined baking sheet sprayed with cooking oil...I used Olive oil.

Keep in mind, if you make more..use more flour, eggs cream and sour cream. his s not an "exact" Measurement type of recipe, so use what you need and add more if you need to.

After you clean and dry your pretty squash, cut lengthwise into small strips...think french fries (minus the potatoes and deep frying) I added in some Zucchini as well, because I love it!

Add the eggs, heavy cream and the dollop of sour cream to a small bowl.

Whisk it all together and put  aside for  quick second

In a small bowl coat each piece of summer squash in coconut flour. Just toss the pieces around util they are coated. If you don't have coconut flour on hand you could easily substitute in bread crumbs or flour.

Dip into egg mixture, and then coat it with the cheese mixture and place neatly :) on foil lined baking sheet sprayed with cooking spray (I used olive oil.) Use something or they will stick and be a pain "in the you know" what to flip over.

Broil for 7 minutes on one side.

Then flip and broil the other side.

Can you see the pretty crunchy cheesy goodness all baked up??

Enjoy them....they are really good AND good for you  and a nice alternative to french fries or other starchy veggies :) AND most importantly my kids ate them, they were fooled by the crusty, cheesy goodness that hid the healthier veggie inside!

I think next time I make these I will make a dip for them as well, since my kids love to dip food and I think it would e a nice addition to the flavor!

Thanks for reading along!!

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