Monday, July 1, 2013

Boy & Girl Christening Candy Bar Wrappers

A s some of you already know through my facebook page, my husband and I christened our Son two weeks ago. It was a crazy day (weekend really) filled with family, friends, foods, a lot of laughs and even more love.

My husband and I tend to go all out for occasions like this, as we like to throw parties and make sure all of our guests are filled to the brim with a good experience by the time they leave. For favors we choose to go with what we have done/created for each of our children. A large personalized candy bar.

I posted these on Facebook when I was knee deep in assembling them and received quite a few messages about them. They are not a ready to download type of file or a template like I typically offer , but are available for customized purchase through my Etsy shop. 

They include a Black & white version of your child's picture layered on a blue chevron background. The child's name is displayed on the front  along with the event date. The back display's all the event information such as; date, time, place,parent name and Godparents name. Much of this can be customized as well.

I also designed a girl's version in pink, which all the above information is layered onto a pink wave design.

I love all the information listed on the back as I think it adds a very personal touch to a very special event!

Each version has two wrappers that print out on a 8 1/2 x 1 sheet of paper. Print as many as you need.
Cut out, wrap candy bar and attach using tape or double sided tape. 

If you would like more information about these wrappers please feel free to contact me or visit my etsy shop directly {{HERE}}


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