Friday, July 5, 2013

10 things you don't know about me!

It's been a little over two years since I have started this blog! What started as a simple way of tracking my early days of baking, decorating and my journey in being a stay at home Mom has evolved into so much more than I could ever imagine.

This blog has in it own way become a chronicle of sorts of my growth as a baker, decorator, graphic designer, party planner Mom and of course blogger.

It has allowed me to find a place that is all my own and if your a parent, especially multiple children. At some point you realize they take over everything, even your precious bathroom time :)

I never try to say that this blog is specifically about one thing, because in all honesty it is as ever changing as I am. I thrive when I am able to express myself artistically in whatever manner appeals at the moment and there are so many things that I love to experiment with and get creative with and this is where I get to embrace the creative side of myself and hopefully inspire a few people along the way.

I love to interact with readers and find that through my Facebook page is where I tend to interact more with people, since it seems as though there is always someone on Facebook. Here on my blog its a bit more static although I do get quite a few e-mails and a lot of questions. Which is fine, because I don't mind helping anyone, in fact I love it.

I have decided in this next year of blogging I want to engage in more interaction here on the blog, I would like to get to know my readers as much as I have gotten to know people through Facebook. I try to make my way around the blogosphere and do the same for others, but at times it's hard to get online (Excuses, excuses) In fact right now with a nine months old, it's really difficult to do anything without the little guy climbing up my leg wanting my attention.

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But I digress....I have learned that in life sometimes if you want something, you also need to give something. So that is what I am going to do today in the spirit of wanting to know "you" my readers better, I will open myself up as well and let you now 10 things about myself as well. Somethings you may already know, other things you may not.

But I invite you to tell me something about yourself as well!

1-I am as quirky as the day is long. I used to think everyone else has such crazy quirks about them, until one day I realized I too had a laundry list of "weird" things going on. One of them being I cannot stand thick eating utensils. Mine all need to be thin; skinny forks, skinny spoons and skinny knives. I will go trade for skinny utensils at a restaurant if they have them.

2-I am super loud, really spacey and I love to laugh; but growing up I was so shy that I couldn't even talk to people without breaking out in a cold sweat, stumbling over my own words and panicking to the point of tears. My shyness was so bad that if I did not understand something in class, I wouldn't let on. Basically I sat and failed most classes because I was too nervous to ask for help. It took teachers a long time to realize I wasn't dumb...I was just shy.

3-I am a recovering drug addict. I used to be the worst type of person you could ever imagine, people are often very shocked to know of my tainted past, unable to imagine me as a drug addict. This September 5, 2013 I will celebrate 8 years clean from any mind or mood altering substance, including alcohol. I can say without a doubt drugs destroyed every ounce of dignity I ever had and allowed me to flush a good portion of my life down the drain (bye bye twenties). I thank my lucky stars each and everyday for the second (five hundredth really) chance that I was graced with, in order to completely change around my life and become the person I was truly meant to be.

4- I hate asking for help, in fact I loath it. My inability to ask for help at times makes my life unmanageable (see #3 again) but through the years I've also learned that it's okay to ask and get help, with whatever it is I am struggling with at the moment. Somewhere deep inside I probably believe at some level that requiring help makes me less of a person, even though  I know this is false it still is a belief embedded in me. On a lighter side it has also allowed me to develop a side of myself that is relentless in discovering how to do things and how to get things done...by myself of course.

5-I went to school to be an animator, it was my dream. But I wasn't mature enough and I did not have the self confidence to deal with the constant feeling of  not measuring up as I compared myself to others  Unable to deal with my own sense of rejection coupled with my shyness and a sprinkling of #3 led me to choose a path in life unforeseen and I soon dropped out and wasted about 12 years of my life trying to kill myself. When I look back at my artwork I am so saddened by my lack of self acceptance at that point in time , because I'm so impressed with my art from back then. It's like feeling fat and ugly at some point and then looking back at  picture to realize how good you really looked.(That makes sense to me, you may not follow that thought process.)

6-I struggle with being a Mother everyday. I get caught up  about specifically what my role is and is not, beyond the obvious task taking care of the kids and nurturing their well being. More specifically how I should "feel" about it all. Because in all honesty, some days my kids make overwhelm me with their constant need of me and all I want to do is get away from them. The guilt that ensues just from this feeling  is enough to make a person crazy since I know people that would give their right arm to be as blessed as I am.

7-The "Mighty" part of Morgan is not because I am an ego maniac, but was something that came about when I was younger and used to play softball. I was short, really short, but I was awesome at playing softball. Whenever a team we hadn't played before would see me coming up to bat they would all move infield, thinking I wouldn't be much of a threat. I would more often than not sail the ball over many of their heads and my team mates nicknamed me "Mighty Morgan" because although I was small I was mighty. I use it as a pen name of sorts to remind myself to never allow myself to be limited by what other people may think about me, based on what they assume about me.

8-I once started writing a book. It was based on a blog I created a few years back called "The Process of a Miracle." It was about how I changed everything about my entire existence; mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually  in a time span of thirty days. At the conclusion of the thirty day journey I ended up meeting my future husband and embracing this sometimes magical life I now live. After getting pregnant and having three kids I was never able to do anything with the book....since it' rare I can get a kids free moment to string together a blog post, never mind an entire book. Hopefully one day if I find more time I will be able to.

9-I'm very intelligent, but I am a HUGE space cadet. I used to be so quick on my feet and super witty, but having children sort of killed that for me. Those that know me, know I jump around to a thousand and one things in a conversation, but eventually I lead back to my original point and everything makes sense.

10- The first day I ever set eyes on my husband was in a parking lot on a late Fall evening. It was a time in my life that I had given up on the idea of ever finding anyone to share my life with and was focused on finding personal happiness on my own. We were in a crowd of people, but happened to be the only two facing the sky in a certain direction. There was a flash of white as a shooting star shot across the sky. Because we were the only two people facing it's direction, we were the only two people to see it. We both turned and said out loud to each other "Did you just see that???"  And that is how the universe at large introduced my husband and I to each other and the rest is history.

I hope you all enjoyed reading along and you learned a thing or two about me. I do hope you'll play along and let me get to know you as well!!


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