Monday, June 17, 2013

Ice Cream Party Printable Cupcake Wrappers

For my daughter's last day of  Pre-school her class hosted an art show/ice cream party for the parents. Since we able to bring something to the party I wanted to create an Ice cream themed treat to join in on the fun! But now that the little babes started crawling about a month  ago, the time I am able to spend in the kitchen, inline or anything really  for that mater has been significantly reduced, as his curiosity has him exploring everything!!

So whatever I make or create has to be time efficient and something I can walk away from easily. I also wanted try to make something fun and original and not be trapped  in the kitchen doing it, as now the weather is so beautiful and seems to calls my name to come outside and play (or is that my kids?)

The idea of an ice cream cone cupcake wrapper came to mind randomly and I embraced the idea immediately! I can make and decorate cupcakes in record setting time, they are so easy . So with an addition of a cutesy little wrapper the whole thing just came together.

Then my mind started thinking of other things ice cream themed, because I just can't leave well enough alone and this whole set was born into existence

I only made the ice cream cone for my daughters school party, because they were for a bunch of three to four year olds and simple is the way to go, since a majority of them just lick the icing and ditch the actual cupcake(or is that only my kids?) So these are the version I made them. I just used simple confetti sprinkles and a red sixlet candy on top for the cherry.

They were going to be favors for the kids to take home, so I placed each one is a 8oz. solo plastic cup. This kept them intact in a little container and kept them fresh enough if they wanted to eat it at another time.

I wrapped each container using a clear cello bag, colorful ribbon and a little personalized tag that read "Have a Sweet Summer" to finish each one off. They look so pretty all bunch together.

But as I mentioned earlier, the one wrapper got my head thinking of other versions of Ice Cream, like a Hot fudge sundaes (my Favorite btw!)

And I certainly couldn't forget  the classic banana split.

Finally I remade the ice cream cone wrapper with a real cherry on top!

All together they look super sweet!

A perfect way to add a little something extra to an Ice cream theme party!!

Wrappers come 2 per sheet and can be printed on a standard sheet of 8-1/2x11 printing paper, although if you would like to print them on something sturdier use cardstock. Cut each wrapper out and attache the back using glue or tape.

These are available from for purchase through my Esty shop which can be found {{HERE}}

Hope you enjoy!!

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