Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Better Together...My Summer Style

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Have you ever had to go clothes shopping with three kids in tow??? Yes, it is as fun as it sounds.

Picture me pushing a double stroller with a constant wandering toddler, bumping around the aisles of a clothing store. It's far from the days where I used to wander down each aisle trying on whatever I wanted with no regards to time.

Now it's more like some bizarre game show where I get a few minutes to scour the store before rushing around picking out items. All the while keeping my toddler from hiding in the clothing racks knocking everything down and keeping the other two calm and occupied enough so that I can think a single thought, like what color do I like and what is my name again???

Yes, it's as non-stressful and enjoyable as it sounds :)

When I do go shopping, I shop for a season and I get what I need so I don't have to torture myself (or my kids) with any more shopping sprees. What I do purchase, I do my part to keep it clean and looking good.

This can sometimes be a challenge when I am up against an all out assault of grimy little hand and the many drips, drools and the sometimes random spit up from the baby (all over my shoulder and in my hair that I just blow dried of course!!!) So I have found that my best defense against stains and the normal wear and tear is by utilizing a tri-fold system of products which all in all work better together.

If you spot me on a typical summer day walking around town with the kids or at home this is what you would find me in. I like my clothing soft, comfortable and easy. So a cotton t-shirt works well for me as it is so versatile and I'm that girl that finds a shirt/style I like and buy it in every possible color and variation.

Then I do the same thing with my summer pant style of choice which happens to be a denim or cotton blend capri style with flip flops of course. Because let be honest my days of short, shorts are long behind me. Around the house I wear the looser  more comfortable versions. Out and about I wear my "yoga" capris or jeans.

I have been a steady fan of Tide for years, because in my opinion I think it does a great job in regards to getting my clothes clean and keeping them looking fresh. I also use Downy fabric softener, especially since I wear so many cotton t-shirts. I have found that they last longer and are more protected  from the daily grime and grit I find myself prone to from working in the kitchen and playing with my kids.

My clothing also doesn't get dry, scratchy or faded looking after a few washes. The old t-shirt and pant "look" worked well when I as 18, but not so much now. And what can I say as I am I'm nostalgic for Bounce dryer sheets. The scent it leaves on warm soft clothing fresh from the dryer, is so heavenly. It's also a bonus that if I mix fabrics in a load of wash they are not all stuck together in a crazy bunch of static cling after I remove them from the dryer. And have I mentioned how I love the heavenly smell, it reminds me of being a kid in the summer....I know, I know  lame, but true! :)

When I utilize all three products for keeping my family's and my own clothing at it's best it just works better together. Which allows us as a family to be better together as well.

What is your summer style and how do you keep your clothes looking good???


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