Monday, May 6, 2013

Mother's Day Printable Card

I'm hoping to get some other printable's together for this upcoming Mother's Day Weekend. I actually have a few that are in the last phases of design, so if all goes according to plan (because it always does right) I will have a whole party pack type of printable to offer out.

I made this card with my own Mother in mind. I thought of as many words as I could to describe what I believe sums up my own understanding of my Mom.

Awesome is the sum of it all though, because really she is. I was not a joy to have around several years back In fact I was a complete horror show. I caused my Mother as well as the rest of my family incredible amounts of emotional heartache and pain, due to my own self centeredness and all in all was a crappy human being.

Thank God for second, third and fourth chances, bolster that with the love of a Mother and all things are possible.  I won't get into who I used to be, that is for another post at another time. But what I can say is that because of my Mother's unconditional love for me, I prevailed through one of the darkest hours (years really!) of my life.

So when I think of my Mother, she is everything that is good in this world and the light of my life. I wanted that to translate on the card I designed for her and I hope that it does.

It measures 4 x 6 and is blank inside, so you can come up with a few more words to express to your mother as well! I also made it into a 8 x 10 sign which is great to put in a frame for display!

This is great for kids and grand kids as well.

Card and sign can be printed from {{HERE}}

Hope you enjoy!!

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