Thursday, April 4, 2013

Rapunzel Princess Party Pack

My little mischief maker is obsessed with Rapunzel. But in the land of my two year old  Rapunzel is really Snow White. In real, real reality neither even exist, but who am I to argue with a 2 1/2 year old.

I just let her wear her red, blue and yellow dress with her sparkly red shoes (think Dorothy in Wizard of Oz) and call herself Rapunzel. I smile along as she tells everyone we meet in our adventures at the supermarket that she IS Tabi Rapunzel......whose to say she isn't????

Thing is she knows the difference between the two, but has decided to create her own version. This is fine by me, because I want my girls to be confident in who they choose to be in life from as early on as possible. And if that means letting her be a mixed up version of Rapunzel, Snow White and herself.....well I support her 110% in being the best version of all of them that she can be.

Moving on.......

Since my pregnancy I have been playing around with printables and find myself moving toward them more and more as I just love creating sets of fun party goodies. I created this version of Rapunzel for my little Tabi, because all she can talk about lately is her birthday.......which is in July . So I started designing this set for her!

Since I had so much fun with creating the Snow White Princess Party Pack, I knew I wanted to make another version. I actually had started making all of the more popular princess's, but lost all the info when Tabi aka Little Ms. Mischeif broke my laptop. So slowly but surely as time permits I am recreating them all, plus many new printables.

This is the invitation, the tower portion on the top is cut out to give the invitation more dimension and to have it stand out a bit more.

 I love incorporating this aspect into my printables, I think it makes them more "fun" so to speak!

I also created cupcake wrappers...


And water bottle labels...

I created a few different pattern to mix it up a bit! Since I am feeling generous today I also though I would share some of these printables with you :)

Your Welcome! You can print them out from {{HERE}}

****Full version of this printable pack can be personalized and purchased through my Etsy shop. You can find more information about options {{HERE}}

Hope you enjoyed this. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below! Thanks for reading along!

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Thanks :) 

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