Tuesday, April 16, 2013

One Direction Party Cupcakes and Cookies

I have become the party go to person in my family for my nieces and nephews. I guess it's a perk to have an Aunt that likes to make fun themed sweets and treats.

If you remember the party I did for my niece last year,  I made her a whole slew of Monster High themed goodies, you can read about some of them {{HERE} And my nephew was the receiver of those super fun Super Mario Brothers cupcake toppers, which you can read about {{HERE}}

Yeah so basically an Aunt that can decorate a bit and is crafty is a perk. I made a bunch of edible and non-edible themed treats, although this post will just focus on the edible ones.

A lot can and does change in the life of a nine to be ten year old in a year and this year. Dolls are out and cute boy band are in.

Cute boy bands like "One Direction"

Have you seen/heard about them????

Five cute British boys singing sweetness to teenage girls all over the world. I am old(er) and out of the loop, so I had no idea who they were. But now I do and if I were a ten year old girl obsessed with these singing sensations, I would have to say after piping his slightly unkempt, hair and sweet smile numerous times. Louis is my favorite :)

But let's talk cupcakes and cookies shall we????

I created these cupcakes after finding myself inspired by the set of One Direction Cookies that the awesome Sugar Belle created. You can see her version {{HERE}}as well as a kopy kake printable of the characters/members she created.

I realized after the fact that there were a million a one things I would do differently if I make these guys again.  Firstly, the characters/band members all alone on a cookie/cupcake look BORING without a bit of flair. Sugar Belles look so wonderful  because of the variety of cookies and colors in the platter.

That's when I decided to paint the flag onto the cupcake topper. Next time, I know to start painting earlier in the day and not at 11 pm at night as my eyes were beginning to cross. Some are a bit wonky, but it brings a boring topper to life with a splash of color, hence the idea gets across.

For the cookie, I went with black and red dots around the border of the cookie.

Since I knew  that I would be attaching tag and colored ribbons to the cookies I felt as though they did not have to be as fancy, schmancy as the cupcake toppers...oh and did I mention it was 11 pm at night?????

The reaction to them was a lot of  bubbly  praise and amazement from a group of 10 year olds who literally gobbled them down in mere seconds....seconds. Sometimes it saddens me that the only evidence of there brief fabulous existence is the pictures I take.

Anyhoooooo, hope you enjoy! If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below!

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