Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Easy Shamrock Cookie Pops

Holiday themed cookies are fun, but when you put them on a stick...... somehow and in someway they become magically more appealing.

I've made versions of this before like {{this}} one or {{that}} one. And since they are always such a hit I thought to follow suit and make a version for St. Patrick's Day.

This is what you will need....
  • Sugar cookie dough
  • Shamrock shaped or any St. Patty's Day themed cookie cutter
  • Lolly stick or skewers
  • Colored chocolate candy melts of your choice (I used green, light green and white)
  • Decorating bag or plastic Ziploc bags
  • Wax paper
  • If you wan't to add sprinkles or any decor you can do that as well.
Keep in mind if you don't have the exact decorating items on hand, use your imagination and use what you have. The bottom line is that these should be fun, so just go with what inspires you and make you want to create. I used my new favorite Vanilla Sugar Cookie Dough from Lila Loa which can be found {{HERE}}.

You can make these cookie just as they are or take the next step and make them into cookie pops. But if you do make them into cookie pops, do NOT ADD the sticks into the uncooked dough. WAIT a minute after they come out of the oven and slide the stick (I used skewers) into the still soft cookie dough, be mindful as they will be hot. Now leave them alone and they will set up as they cool.(Just a note, remove the stick before consuming if you use the skewers as they have a very pointy end.)

When the cookie have completely cooled, you can begin to get your chocolate melts ready. Now the amount of chocolate you need to melt depends on the amount of cookies you are making and the amount of drizzle you put on the cookie. If you melt it in small batches you won't  have so much extra unused chocolate left over.

Lay out your pops on a sheet of wax paper and get your sprinkles ready nearby if you'll be adding them. Lay another sheet of wax paper nearby as you will need it after you put the chocolate onto the pops.

Put your melted chocolate in a decorating bag or a small plastic baggie with a small piece of the corner cut and start going over the cookie back and forth horizontally. Don't worry about it being super neat as the messiness of it gives it a bit of charm. Do a layer on a cookie and move on to the next then repeat. This will allow you to build a bit of dimension on the cookie without the chocolate settling into each layer.

I used three colors of chocolate; green, light green and white. I would do one color and then do the next color.

And the next color, until I was finished.

Before the chocolate sets, lift each pop off of the wax paper and set it on the other piece of wax paper to fully set, this will take care of all the overflow and will clean the edges up.

And that is it! Easy right. 

Dress them up with a ribbon or leave them as is. Either way they are a fun way to add a little sweetness into the holiday!

Hope you enjoyed this post! If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below!

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