Monday, March 25, 2013

Carrot Sugar Cookies and Cookie Dough Dip

This year my hubs and I decided that we would host not only Easter Dinner, but Easter brunch as well. We figured life isn't interesting enough with three kids and holiday, so lets pile some more "fun"on top of the daily insanity of everyday living in our household.

It's really not as bad as I just made it sound, because it's actually the only way that both sides of our families get to spend the holiday with us. My side for brunch and his side for dinner. As much as I would LOVE to do everything, sadly I cannot and preparation is my bestie for life, when it comes to doing so much in one day.

Needless to say I need an dessert idea that would work for both mid morning and after dinner. Something not entirely to sweet and something that could adapt to any given time of day. And this is what we will be have serving after breakfast and after dinner....

Yes, please!

Before I even go into any of the details of this awesomeness. I NEED to tell you all how excited I am over these cookies! They are so EASY to make and bring an ordinary dessert platter alive with color and fun. AND these are not decorated with icing, chocolate or frosting. They are decorated with colored cookie dough which is piped onto the cookie ***before*** baking.

So MUCH fun!

I cannot take credit for this idea though because I first saw it done from the ever talented Ms. Cuit who explains the entire process {{HERE}} her post is in French, so you will have to translate it. I will give you my version, she also wrote a version in English that can be found {{HERE}}, so check it out.

This is what you will need for the cookies....
  • Sugar Cookie Dough
  • Carrot cookie cutter (or triangle shape)
  • Orange and Green gel food coloring
  • Decorating bags, couplers and decorating tips size #2 or #3
For sugar cookie I always use my two favorite recipes which you can find the chocolate {{HERE}} and the Vanilla {{HERE}} Hands down the best tasting cookies ever! And they don't spread and keep their shape like a well toned gymnast. But like I always mention, if you are not feeling that adventurous, just use store bought dough, although they won't hold there shape as well. 

Roll out you dough and cut out your carrots and set them up on  parchment lined baking sheet, put them to the side. Be sure to save some of the extra dough and divide it into two portions. 

I added the coloring to a piece of dough in a small bowl and mixed it until it was incorporated. I then added water a little bit at a time until it became a very, very soft doughy mix. Soft enough that it would be able to be piped onto the cookie. 

Starting with the orange I just piped a zigzag pattern onto the cookie.

I then added loops of green for the top portion of the carrots.

Bake according to recipe instructions and this is what they look like out of the oven! Bright and beautiful!

Now you could stop here and just enjoy them like this OR yo can do like I am going to do and add in a cookie dip, but not just any dip, but a cookie dough dip. Yes, there is such thing andyes it tastes as good as you might imagine....probably even better.

I've used this {{Recipe}} from How sweet it is numerous times and it never gets old and there is never any left. But there  a lot of different versions of this around, so if cookie dough isn't your thing trust that your friend Google can help you find one that can suit your preferences.

This one just happens to also pair perfectly with the taste of a sugar cookie. So it's a win, win, win all around! I set up a platter using edible grass to give it a gardeny feel (Is there such a thing???) and to add a little background color into the mix!

I do hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed making these cookie! If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below!

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