Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Candy Filled Easter Egg Cookies

If you read {{this post}} from last week then you know how certain ideas can gnaw away at my mind incessantly. The idea of a cookie filled with candy has intrigued me since peeking at these candy filled pinata cookies  and as I've mentioned before I have been anxious to make my own version.

But with two kidoddles constantly underfoot and another snuggled up close to me in his baby wrap; it becomes a challenge to pull these ideas from the dusty, cluttered folds of my mind to find  a fistful of minutes to string together in order to create.  But when I do, ultimately I am able to quiet the constant ramblings inside my head...until the next idea comes forth.

These candy filled Easter egg cookies were actually the first version of these cookies I made, even before I made the Pot of Gold version for St. Patrick's day. That  idea was born as I was working on these and since St. Patty's day comes before Easter,  I decided to post that one first.

Surprise inside cookies

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