Thursday, March 21, 2013

Bunny Tails Box Wrappers

I know I post a lot of of sugary laden sweets on this blog. Many of those which are kids friendly ONLY in regards to many will shove them into their little mouths all day long. In the grand scheme of Motherhood I am not feeding my children these things all the time.

I swear there are many fruits, veggies and good sources of protein with all natural organic peanut butter and organic raw honey being served! So when I make up themed treats for my eldest's preschool class I do my best to not to give straight up candy......ever.

I also know that in the food spectrum raisins do not fall under the no sugar umbrella. They in fact have a lot of sugar, but in their defense it's naturally occurring and my kids metabolic systems are in good enough condition that they can handle the sugar load! So these will be working out wonderfully for her preschool class!!!!

Do you remember these little raisin boxes from growing up??? Well not so much the organic kind, because we didn't really have that so readily available as kids (my generation) we ate everything, pesticides GMO's and all...insert nervous laugh HERE!

They are the perfect size, for out family anyway, because it offers a little something sweet but not too much. As a bonus they are miniature and that in my book equals cute any day of the week!

They take an ordinary box of raisins and dress it up for the Easter holiday! This can seriously be tweaked for SO many holidays as they will be!

There is even a section to write the To: and From:

And that naughty little bunny has been busy snacking on  the carrots from the patch!

The box of raisins I used contained 0.5 oz of product and they had a few different brands at the store...all of the mini versions seemed to follow the same sizing standard. So all you need to do it print and cut out the images an attach them in the back using tape, double sided tape or glue of some sort.

There are 6 images per page and can be printed on any standard size 8-1/2 x 11 sheet of paper. Since they are wrapped around something, I would suggest using regular old printing paper a opposed to card stock, since it is a bit on the thicker side and may not fold as seamlessly!

Wrappers can be printed from {{HERE}}

Hope you enjoyed this post! If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below!!

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