Thursday, February 7, 2013

Valentine...You are the Color in My Rainbow Printable Tags

This was an idea that blossomed in the cereal aisle at a local grocery store. It's sort of ironic that an idea of any sort could possibly form during one of my ventures at the supermarket, because the clarity of thought needed to create a fun easy idea are often thwarted by the actions of my kiddoddles running rampant through the aisles.

Yes, I'm that Mom with the crazy kids at the store....It's very nice to meet you too.

But before you judge me at my lack of parental control over my kids (huge illusion) at least try these fun little treats out. They are ridiculously easy and fun fun, fun!

You can mix this up any way possible with whatever rainbow themed treats you can think of  like Fruit Loops. This is by far the most cost effect way to make these as you get such a large amount of the cereal. And for those that don't want to give straight up candy, this is the best alternative!

But you could also use Skittles....and seriously "taste" the rainbow.

Or M&M's...just pick out the brown ones because who wants any brown in their rainbow???

This is the front of the tag.

This is the back of the tag. You can write in the To: and From: to personalize it a bit.

There are six tags per sheet and can be printed out on a standard 8-1/2x11 sheet of printer paper. The tags measure approximately 3 x3.75 inches. 

I used cello 3" cello bags I bought at a local craft store to attach the tags to. But you could use any type of plastic baggie if you like and just fold it then staple and tape the bag to fit the label if the fit is not exact!

You can print the labels out from {{HERE}}

Hope you enjoy! If you have any question, please feel free to leave a comment below!

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