Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Valentine's Day Candy Bar Wrappers {{Free Printable}}

Valentine's Day is almost here!!! Another holiday whizzing by faster then I can even handle...the little babes will be four months already! Where. Did. The. Time. Go??????

Anyhoo.....Anyone got anything good planned???

I'm looking forward to a nice, yummy, delicious meal and dessert with my hubbers and the kiddoddles. Since the beginning of this New Year, we have been moving into a mainly grain free organic way of life, sort of ironically ridiculous considering the carbohydrate, sugary, oozing goodness posted throughout this blog.

We decided that on V-day we would have a cheat meal, so I have been hoarding bookmarking all sort of recipes that involve breads and all other things of the sugared persuasion that I've cleaned out of my diet.

On another note since Valentine's Day and chocolate are sort of kind of best friends, I created an easy way to pair them up.

These fit around any standard sized Hershey's chocolate bar. All you need to do is print, cut and tape them together. I made a few different versions because I was playing around with a few ideas. 

I wanted the owls to be a wrapper that revealed the chocolate bar like a present of sorts.

I made the Owl in a pink version.....

and a red version. The heart that the owl is holding says "Owl be your Valentine...if You'll be mine!!"

This is the back.....

Notice the blue Gingham pattern???It belongs to this cutey of a wrapper :)

To assemble the bars, simply print and cut out the wrapper...

Flip it over and place the Hershey's bar in the center of the paper. You can tape down the edges of the candy bar or even wrap it in silver foil, to give it a polished look. The edges of the bar hanging out always bother me, so I wrap mine.

The fold over the edge with nothing on it.....

An then fold over the other side You can use regular tape or double sided tape, whichever one you have. Just be sure you can see the to and from on the back of the bar and not just the plain gingham pattern.

The owl is similar in that you print and cut it out, but it wraps around and attaches in the front of the candy bar....

Hope you enjoy these and have  HOOT!! (Bad joke, I know!)  with them.

All Candy Bar Wrappers can be printed out from {{HERE}}


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