Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Homemade Shamrock Gummi Pops {{St. Patrick's Day}}

If you have been following along, then you probably knew that these homemade gummi pops would happen and will happen again and again and probably again before I'm ready to retire these little treats.

When I told you my kids love these, there was no exaggeration involved. They seriously stalk the kitchen repeatedly asking over and over and over again in those "cute" little voices....

"Are the gummi's ready yet?"
"Are the gummi's ready yet?"
"Are the gummi's ready yet?"
"Are the gummi's ready yet?"
"Are the gummi's ready yet?"

So any holiday works out for me in regards to making them and then sharing with readers old and new, as well as my anxious gummi pop lovin' kidoddles.

This is what you will need.....
  • 1/3 cup of water
  • 2 package of 1/4 oz. gelatin (unflavored)
  • 1 package 3oz. flavored gelatin (flavor/color depends on you...I went with lime green.)
  • Shamrock Candy mold (I bought mine at a local craft store)
  • Lolly pop sticks
  • Paper straws..if you have them and want to use them to dress up the lolly pop sticks.
  • Corn starch

Fill a pot with 1/3 cup of water and sprinkle unflavored gelatin and flavored gelatin into water and give it a quick stir. Let it sit on the counter for about 10 minutes. Transfer pot to the stove and cook on medium heat on the stove for about 3-5 minutes, until all of the gelatin has dissolved.

This is obviously not the lime green flavor :)
I let it cool for a quick minute and then I pour the mixture into a measuring cup with a spout, so it's easier to pour into the mold. As you can see the total mixture amount is a little less than 2/3 of a cup, so use this to determine how many pops you can get out of each mold. Please be mindful this needs to be done all at once. You can pour it into a mold, wait for them to dry and then pour the remainder into the mold. If you planning on making a few of these it may be in your best interest to purchase a few molds

Pour the mixture into the cavities carefully and then insert your candy sticks into the mold.I give them a little turn to coat the entire stick so that it sets nicely.Try not to overfill the mold, stop pouring a little before it has reached the edge so that when you add the stick, it doesn't overflow.

Let it sit out on the counter for about 20 minutes, until set. Resist the urge to check on them before they set  or they will shift and spill if not totally set. After they have completely set, dust the back of the mold with cornstarch to off set the stickiness. Peel out of the mold.

 You can use any mold you can find, they tend to carry them in local crafts stores. Just be sure that when you buy it, that the mold has a bit of depth to it. The one I used was quite shallow and it probably would have worked out much better if it was deeper, although my kids still loved them :)

You can use any flavor/color combo of gelatin you like to make these fun and easy treats. Let your imagination be your guide!!

Hope you liked this post! If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below!!

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Monday, February 25, 2013

Pot of Gold Candy Filled Cookies {{St Patrick's Day}}

There are ideas that sometimes just won't leave me alone....like the idea of a cookie filled with candy. Because as you know, cookies by themselves aren't fun enough and somewhere down the line someone thought they would be even better filled with candy.

And of course they were right!

I've seen amazing versions of this all around, like these adorable Pinata Cookies and have wanted to "try" to make one since. I was planning on making one for this past Christmas season, but never found the time. But for this upcoming St. Patrick's Day...the idea re-emerged and I came up with this fun "filled" treat....

This was the first thing I thought of since I figured that a pot of gold cookie would be so much more fun
 filled with rainbow colored candy!

They are relatively easy to make, but do take a little time to assemble and decorate. But the end result is always more enjoyable when the unsuspecting cookie eater, finds a bit more of treasure inside each cookie!

I made these using an amazing vanilla sugar cookie recipe from LilaLoa.com. They are my absolute favorite Vanilla Sugar Cookie as of the moment. If your up to making the dough try her recipe. But if your not feeling that adventurous, go buy some sugar cookie dough at the store, although they most likely won't hold there shape so sharply after baking.

  This is what you will need...
  • Circle Cookie Cutter
  • Sugar Cookies
  • Dark Chocolate Candy Melts
  • Yellow Candy Melts
  • Green Candy Melts
  • Decorating Bags or small plastic baggies
  • Rainbow Sunny Seeds or Miniature M&M's
  • Black Sanding Sugar (Optional)
  • Yellow Sanding Sugar (Optional)
  • Yellow Sprinkles (Optional)
  • Wax Paper
Roll out your sugar cookie dough and using the round cookie cutter make your circles. I used a cutter that measured  2-1/2 inched in diameter. Each cookie is comprised of three parts, so make sure you cut enough cookies out of the dough to be able to assemble them at a later time. Keep one whole, cut a small hole in another (using whatever works) and using the edge of the cutter, cut off a a crescent shape off of the top of the remaining two. Be mindful to cut them evenly as they will match up.

 Bake them according the recipe directions and allow them to fully cool, before you move onto the next steps. After they are fully cooled you can get ready to assemble them. First I created the tops of the cookies. Melt your dark chocolate candy melts and pour them into your decorating bags or plastic baggies and snip a small opening at the bottom.

Pipe a nice line around the cookie and let it set for a minute. Chocolate is very runny, so take your time and go slow and it will look smooth and even. If you feel as though your line is to "wobbly",  before the chocolate begins to set, use a toothpick and run through the line to smooth it out a bit

I outlined all my cookies, so by the time I had to fill them, the outer edge had set. This outer line helps the "fill" chocolate not run over the sides. With the outer edge set, fill in the cookies with the rest of the chocolate. When done you can wiggle it a bit so it smooths out.

I added some black sanding sugar to the still soft chocolate to add a little dimension to the cookie. If you have it and want to use it wonderful, but if not then just skip the sanding sugar......the cookie will still taste and look fine!

 While these are setting up, you can begin to assemble the rest of the cookies. Pipe some chocolate onto the back of the middle piece of the cookie, don't worry if it's not to neat, just don't over do it.

 Attach it to the lower portion of the cookie and wiggle it a bit to be sure it adheres.

 Fill the center portion with whatever candies you will be filling your cookies with. I used Sunny Seeds, but miniature M&M's can also be used. Whatever you want to put inside the cookie is your choice, anything
small  will work.

 Now attach to the top portion (make sure they are fully set) onto the top of the cookie. Pipe chocolate onto the back and position it on top of the layered cookie so it covers the candy filled portion.

 This is where all your patience starts to show some reward.  Melt you yellow candy melts and start adding
 the yellow chocolate in layers.

Add some yellow candies, sprinkles or sanding sugars (Use what you have) in each layer to give it some added depth.

 After all the layers have dried the top of you cookie will resemble something like this....

To finish the cookie off you may want to add a shamrock onto the front of the cookie. I made mine by adding some green Sunny Seeds in melted chocolate, to give to a shamrock feeling. I melted some green candy melts, piped three little dots of chocolate onto a piece of wax paper.

While the chocolate as still soft I added the Sunny Seeds. Just let them set fully before you add them onto the cookie.

You could alternatively just pipe three leaves directly onto the cookie as well. To attached to the cookie, I piped a small dab of chocolate onto the cookie an placed the shamrock onto it.

 And your cookie are almost complete!

 Because first you need to break one open.......

And have a look inside...

A great way to add a little lucky something  to this St. Patrick's Day!


 Hope you enjoyed this post! If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below!


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Snow White Princess Party Pack

This is not the first time I have made a Snow White princess party pack, I made one last year for my daughter's third birthday which you can read about {{HERE}} All of the original Snow White printables and templates I created can be found in that post.

But since my little Miss. Mischief completely destroyed my laptop this past summer, along with a years worth of personal photos of family and friends, all my files were also lost. Including the  Snow White and all  the other princess's I has started designing.

At the time I  had rushed to make the Snow White and I never felt as though she was finished enough, she just didn't seem animated enough. So when  I had the opportunity to remake her for a custom party. I  was very excited to rework her!

This is the invitation I created, it measures approx. 5 x 6-1/4 which will also fit in an envelope (5.25x7.25) if you would like to mail them. There are two invites per each printed 8-1/2x11 sheet of paper.

Her hair bow is cut out from the top which is something I tend to do with many of my cupcake wrappers and I just love the way it adds a bit of dimension.

These can be printed on card stock to help keep the shape study which you can purchase at most local craft stores. Or you can upload the purchased invitations to a local print shop and have them printed for you. Typically a pack that includes envelopes can be found for a decent price. But if you have a coupon, you can get it for a really great price :)

I added the bow cut out to the cupcake wrappers as well and made a few different version to add a bit of variety. A red striped/chevron with her face and "Happy Birthday" printed on it.

And one a red chevron/striped pattern without her face and no writing. These can be printed on regular printing paper or a sturdier cardstock. There are two wrappers per each  printed 8-1/2x11 sheet of paper

There is also a fun bunting  made with the  red striped/chevron pattern. I did alternating graphics of Snow white, so it's not character overload. These can be printed on regular printing paper or a sturdier cardstock. There are small black lines on the top of each bunting, which are guides to make small slits in the bunting. Use any type/color of ribbon you prefer to string the bunting. You can reinforce it with tape or glue. There are two buntings per each  printed 8-1/2x11 sheet of paper

To bring it all together I also created a drink label (8x2) which should fit most standard water bottle sizes, if it's to large you could always trim it down a bit! You can use a standard printing paper for these and there are 4 labels per each printed 8-1/2x11 sheet of paper

I made a few other things I will share with you in a future post! Sorry, but you will have to wait!

You can view all of these goodies {{HERE}} and you can purchase most of these items through my Etsy.com Shop

Thanks for reading along and I hope you enjoyed this post! If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below!

I always love to hear your feed back, so please let me know what you think!

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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentine's Day Wrap Up!

Valentine's day is almost here so I wanted to quickly share all of the wonderful DIY gift ideas I posted about!!!

Just click on any picture and it will take you to the post!!

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And the "Peas be Mine" Printable can be found {{HERE}}

Lastly on another note here is a cookie I made for a close friend for the holiday...it also was inspired by Lilaloa's Sketch it challenge

Happy Valentine's Day!!

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