Monday, January 14, 2013

Homemade Valentine's Gummi Pops

Remember when I made {{these}} for Halloween???? Homemade, easy, fun AND really kid friendly.

So friendly that I make these for my kidoddles more than I care to admit.

Yup, homemade gummi pops, but for this post specifically Valentine's day gummi pops. These are great for little gifts for V-day or just snacks for little people play dates which is when these bad boys got consumed.

Make them yourself, your kids will "Love" you for it :)

This is what you will need.....
  • 1/3 cup of water
  • 2 package of 1/4 oz. gelatin (unflavored)
  • 1 package 3oz. flavored gelatin (flavor/color depends on the type mold you use.)
  • Candy mold (I bought mine at a local craft store)
  • Lolly pop sticks
  • Paper straws..if you have them and want to use them to dress up the lolly pop sticks.
  • Corn starch
Fill a pot with 1/3 cup of water and sprinkle unflavored gelatin and flavored gelatin into water and give it a quick stir. Let it sit on the counter for about 10 minutes. Transfer pot to the stove and cook on medium heat on the stove for about 3-5 minutes, until all of the gelatin has dissolved.

I let it cool for a quick minute and then I poured the mixture into a measuring cup with a spout, so it would be easier to pour into the mold. As you can see the total mixture amount is a little less than 2/3 of a cup, so use this to determine how much you will need to make your pops.

Insert sticks into the mold. You might want to place something under the edges of the sticks that hang so they stay level. (You'll understand better when you make these what that means)

The powdery stuff in the picture is actually disco dust as I wanted to see how I could "add" some sparkle to the pops. I also tried sprinkles and nonpareils and there is a reason why there are no pictures of them.....because they didn't work out so well. Edible, yes, but pretty...not so much!

Pour the mixture into the mold.

Fill all the cavities of the mold and be sure not to overfill them. (Yes, at times I am a bit messy.)

Let it sit out on the counter for about 20 minutes, until set. Resist the urge to check on them before they set (like I did) completely or they will shift and spill if not totally set.

After they have completely set, dust the back of the mold with cornstarch to off set the stickiness. Peel out of the mold.

You can use any mold you can find, they tend to carry them in local crafts stores. Or you can find some {{HERE}}

You can use any flavor/color combo of gelatin you like to make these fun and easy treats. Let your imagination be your guide!!

Hope you liked this post! If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below!!

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