Sunday, December 30, 2012

Easy New Years Chocolate Confetti Pops

I hope that you all had a wonderful holiday season, I know I did.

This past year has been such a wonderful string of events threaded throughout the life of my family, weaving everything together in such a magnificent, beautiful way. I am so looking forward to an equally and if not better New Year in 2013

I remember that I used to stay out all night doing "questionable" activities to ring in each New Year, but as I have grown older as the years have past, I have settled down more than a little bit. This year I plan on planting my butt down on the couch with my kiddies and awesome man of a husband and ring in the New Year surrounded by the ones I love. And then on New years day we typically join my family for a brunch

I always have so many different colors of chocolate left over from all my various projects as well as all my holiday baking and decorating, so I came up with these fun little treats that are great for New Years day or even New Years Eve and a great way for me to use up my leftovers!

Super de duper easy, colorful and festive to bring in the New Year.

This is what you will need.....

  • Chocolate candy melts (Any colors you have or want to use is up to you.)
  • Wax Paper
  • Lolly Sticks
  • Plastic baggies or decorating bags
  • Sprinkles or other edible decor.

These can be made with the kiddies as well, since they are cutest when messy and imperfect, this may be well suited as an afternoon activity.

Choose the order you want to layer you colors and lay down a sheet of wax paper. Melt the first color of chocolate and put it in a plastic baggie with a small snip at the corner. Swirl the chocolate into a circular pattern, making a lot of squiggly lines sort of like confetti.

Before the chocolate sets, add in the lolly sticks by just pushing them into the melted chocolate.

Melt and layer in another color by just swirling it on top.

And add another layer....If you make the holes in the baggies different sizes the thickness of the lines will vary adding to their charm.

And keep going.......

And going.....

Until you are satisfied, then add in your sprinkles!

Easy and Fun!!! Just be sure to let them fully set for a bit before you lift them off the wax paper.

And as always use what you have and just have fun. If you only have chocolate...just use what you have, and they still will come out cute!!

Enjoy! Thank you all for such a wonderful year and I wish you all a Happy, Prosperous and Safe New Year!!

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Friday, December 21, 2012

Easy Christmas Tree Cookie Pops

My little babes has yet to snooze through the night and at most gives me three hour clips of sleep. I've decided that until he does, I'm going to make the most of the many hours of  the day that I am awake.

Needless to say that's the only way I get anything done at this point.

Like the treats I needed to make for my daughters holiday party; which I wanted to make something fun, festive, delicious and easy.

Keyword being EASY...

Cookies are easy.
Pops are fun.

Cookie pops are perfect and cookie pops shaped and decorated like festive Christmas trees are fabulous!!

These were so simple to make and decorating them is fun, if you have little ones afoot they will love helping you with them. You can get messy with these and they will still be fun, fabulous and delicious. And if you don't want to make them into pops, just leave out the sticks, still fun!

This is what you will need....

Sugar cookie dough
Christmas tree cookie cutter
Lolly stick or skewers
Green chocolate candy melts
Yellow chocolate candy melts
Decorating bag or plastic Ziploc bags
Wax paper
Sanding sugars (optional)
Confetti sprinkles or what ever sprinkles you like.

Keep in mind if you don't have all the decorating items on hand, just USE what you have. These can be made of white chocolate, red chocolate or plain old milk chocolate. Any which way you make them will be PERFECT!!! And if you don't have a cookie cutter, just cut out triangles from the dough

I used this recipe for Cinna-Bum roll out cookies from Sweet Hope Cookies which are in three words summed up as...


If you want to know why she calls them Cinna BUM roll outs, you will have to read her wonderful funny post. I will include other links for other flavors at the bottom of the post, but if you want seriously easy...just buy a tube of Pillsbury sugar cookie dough and go from there.

If you are going to make the cookies into pops, do not add the stick into the uncooked dough. Wait until they are baked, a few seconds after they come out of the oven, slide the sticks (I used skewers) into the still soft cookie, be mindful they are hot. They will set as they cool and the cookie won't get all distorted.

After the cookies have completely cooled, get your green chocolate or whatever color you are using ready to be melted. You can add in a little oil to thin the chocolate down a bit, but not too much. Now the amount of chocolate to melt depends on the amount of cookies you are making. I made about a dozen and used about a cup or so of candy melt wafers. If you are unsure of the amount start small and know that if you need more you can easily just melt more.

Lay out your pops on a sheet of wax paper and layout another sheet of wax paper nearby with nothing on it (that will make sense later) and get your sprinkles ready nearby. Put your melted chocolate in your decorating bag or Ziploc bag and cut a small hole and start going over the cookie back in forth horizontally. Do this for each pop and don't worry about being neat.

Then do it again....and again...and again.

Keep going until  you get the coverage you like. Before they set lift them off the sheet and place them down on the new sheet of wax paper nearby. (I told you it would make sense later.) this will keep the excess from drying and leave a cleaner look to the cookie. Before the chocolate sets add in your Christmas bling.....or sprinkles :)

As your newly decorated trees set, get your stars ready. These are easy and don't need to be perfect, as they only add to the cookie if they are imperfect.   On a sheet of wax paper just pipe out some sketchy stars with your melted yellow chocolate melts.

Note: if you are going to wrap the cookie you might want to omit the star since it may break or place it lower on the cookie so it won't break.

If you want sprinkle some sanding sugar on top before they set.

Let them set, you can put them in the fridge to speed up the process if you like. To attach, pipe a small dot of chocolate at the top of the tree.

And place the star on top... and you tree is complete! I dressed up the stick by adding in colored straws, so if you have them on hand they really add to the pops!!!

Here are a few of my favorite sugar roll out cookies!!

Hope you enjoyed this post! If you have any questions, please feel free to comment below!

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Oatmeal Yogurt Smoothie

At this time of year my reality often includes a steady diet of butter and sugar based goodies and it takes a lot of willpower to not go completely off the deep end overfilling myself with sweets.

What I have found to help curb or at least ease my almost unconscious desire to keep reaching for another  treat is to eat more balanced foods/meals. If I keep my blood sugar steady, somehow it helps me keep myself from over indulging and putting myself on the roller coaster of blood sugar high and lows.

Better Oats

I'm super busy so I tend to look to eat what is quick and easy, because lets be honest, with everything else that goes on I just don't have it in me at times to make the next right decision when it comes to balancing my nutritional needs.

I love oatmeal and I love yogurt, so it was only natural that those mutual loves would somehow find a way to coexist in my tummy. I actually started eating this combo when I was pregnant with my first daughter because it worked so well in relation to keeping my gestational diabetes in order and it tasted so delicious.

Over time, I've tweaked and added in more to boost up the flavor and nutritional content, because it's so versatile you can really add what ever you want to it.

Now since this is already a staple in my diet you could understand why I would be so excited when I was offered an opportunity to try a new brand of oatmeal in order to create a recipe for it. I typically only use plain oats, never realizing that there was a whole oatmeal selection out there other than the sickly sweet processed ones in the cereal aisle of he supermarket.

Better Oats

Better Oats instant oatmeal comes in many delicious varieties  23 flavors in fact, including RAW Pure & Simple Pomegranate and MMM... Muffins  Blueberry Muffin. Kids love Better Oats because its fun and delicious, and parents love it because it is not only nutritious, but also convenient. Better Oats uses up to 35 percent less packaging than traditional instant oatmeal boxes (so there's more room on the pantry shelf), and the pouch doubles as a measuring cup!

Made with 100% whole grain oats and flax seeds, this complete line offers a simple and healthy option when it comes to instant oatmeal. But it's not only a great breakfast (or lunch... or snack...) but also a better ingredient to spice up a cookie or other baked goods.

You've got to try Better Oats. If you've been settling for ordinary oatmeal, then you're in for a treat because Better Oats is just... better! Try and see for yourself.

I was sent a whole variety of their oatmeal's  which were all delicious, although my favorite was the MMM....Muffins Blueberry Muffin. And my little Miss. Mischievous whose an oatmeal eater, loved them all too, she gobbled them up for breakfast every day.

This is how I made the smoothie.....

1 Package of Better Oats brand Oatmeal Prepared according to package directions( I used the MMM....Muffins Blueberry Muffin)
1/3 Cup Unsweetened- Unflavored Coconut Milk
Plain Yogurt (I use Greek yogurt 6 oz container)
1/4 tsp Vanilla extract
Sweetener (I use Splenda, but this is your choice)

1 Tbsp. Chia Seeds
1 Scoop Protein Powder

Something to store it in, I use a quart sized mason jar for ease and convenience.

Prepare the oatmeal according to package directions.
Let it cool a bit.
Add in 1/3 cup of Coconut milk
Add in 1 container of Greek Yogurt (6 oz.)
Add in Sweetener to taste

If you want to boost up the protein/ nutritional content, then this is when you would add in your protein powder (vanilla), chia seeds and fruit.

Mix it all up.

Now this is where a few variations can come into play. You can eat this as is and it's fabulous or you can put it all in the blender to make it smooth.

I have also mixed it up uncooked and let it soak up overnight. I believe that is considered a summer porridge of sorts. If you do that I suggest putting the oatmeal in the blender uncooked and pulse the blender so it is ground to a finer mixture. I prefer it that way, I think it's a personal preference though.

Now this keeps me satisfied and helps curb my desire to stuff my face full of cookies. Which by the way is not a pretty thing to watch :)

For other fabulous varieties or more information Visit the Better Oats website! or like them on FaceBook.

Better Oats

Hope you enjoyed this post! If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below!

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Monday, December 17, 2012

Rudolph the Reindeer Cupcake Wrappers {{Free Printable}}

Well "IT'S" almost here...

Christmas that is and I'm already exhausted. Lots of baking and decorating going on between diapers, feedings, nap times and all the other "joys" of  parenting. But as stressful as it all is, I wouldn't trade any of it for all the money in the world.

Well enough of all that, lets talk some reindeer....Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer to be exact.

And how about him printed on some wonderful cupcake wrappers you can make yourself from home.


The cuteness factor is almost too much!

Like most of my other printables these an be printed on a standard 8-1/2 x 11 sheet of paper. Regular printing paper can be use, but be mindful they will be a bit flimsier. For sturdier wrappers use card stock, which can be purchased at most craft stores.

Just print them, cut them out and attach the ends using a hot glue gun, regular glue or tape if that is what you have.

They will brighten up any display of cupcakes with holiday cheer and possible a few chuckles. I also made a green chevron pattern and a green striped pattern so it won't be a Rudolph overload.

AND I also made them all in a miniature version for mini cupcakes!!

All the wrappers can be printed from {{HERE}}

And in case you missed it...you can also print out these...

Please enjoy, if you have any questions, please fee free to leave a comment below!!

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Friday, December 7, 2012

Happy Hanukkah Cupcake Wrappers {{ Free Printable }}

As I mentioned in my last post, I have a few holiday season inspired cupcake wrappers to share, but not a huge amount of time to write lengthy, sometimes witty posts about my lovely but insane life.

So here I go......

Since the festival of lights otherwise known as Hanukkah is about to begin, I thought it appropriate to make some cupcake wrappers for the occasion.


Yet, cute and bold as well....

And so it's not total overkill with the Happy Hanukkah, I made plain wrappers go in between. You know to mix it up a bit.

Hope you enjoy them!!!

You can print them out from {{HERE}} at MightyDelighty.net

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Snowman Cupcake Wrappers {{Free Printable}}

As I'm ridiculously busy (As most people are) I'm going to keep this post short and just get to the good stuff.

Now that the holiday season is full on upon us, this often entails lots and lots of sweet and treats. For the most part, save a few lonely folks who probably won't read this anyway, we all do something in relation to the holiday season.
Meaning some variety and version of a  holiday party, which also translates into bringing something to some friend, relative and heck for some strangers home.

 For example cupcakes...

Well I know I make and bring cupcakes everywhere really....

Lots and lots of them, since they are quick easy and appealing to all ages.

But "I"  like to dress mine up and the holiday season is no exception to that quirky obsession of mine. So I made happy snowman wrappers and I also included created a blue striped and blue chevron pattern to coordinate with the snowman wrapper. So it doesn't become all borderline crazy with only snowmen.....you know they say variety is he spice of life :)

And let me be honest, I like the attention they get in their cute outfits, it makes them seem so much more than a lil' cupcake.

Seriously, isn't he adorable!!!!

I have a bunch of different wrappers besides these, which I'll do my best to post before this holiday season comes to an end. So instead of me bantering away let me just show you this fun wrapper to you to start this holiday season off right.

Like most of my free printables, this prints out on any  8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper. I use a thicker card stock type of paper, which you can purchase at most craft stores for cheap, cheap, cheap.

But you can also use regular old printing paper, they just won't be as sturdy. All you need to do it print them, cut them out and attach the ends using tape or a glue gun or whatever you have that works! I typically overlap them a little bit.

Make some cupcakes happy and dress them up and be the hit of whatever holiday partay you attend :)

You can print them out from {{HERE}} at the new site MightyDelighty.net


Happy, happy, joy joy!!!!

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