Friday, November 16, 2012

How to make Baby Boy Cake Pop Favors

With the arrival of my wonderful baby boy, life has gotten very interesting.I have started doing a few orders here and there, but am really trying to not overwhelm myself and ultimately enjoy the early days with my baby boy!

It's taken me three children, but I finally understand what strangers on grocery lines have been telling me about my kids for the past few years about enjoying this time with them. They are small for such a short period of time and to embrace this time.

So I don't want to miss anything! I was in such a rush for my first two to get bigger, that I didn't realize how sweet, wonderful and miraculous babies really are :) So I'm trying to keep what I do to a minimum at this point, until my time frees up a little (like that is EVER gonna' happen.)

When I was asked to make a baby boy cake pops for a baby shower I immediately though of the pops from Bakerella. She is the queen of cake pops, so all the credit for this inspiring little favor is due to her creative genius.

But I did make some of my own changes so I will let you know how "I" made this version of them.

They are a super cute way to add a little something to a bay shower and they are yummy to boot!

This is what you will need.....

  • Cake pops ready to be prepared (Check out THIS POST for tips and tricks for perfect cake pops)
  • White chocolate candy melts
  • Chocolate candy melts
  • Pink Chocolate candy melts
  • Blue Chocolate candy melts
  • Pink Confetti Sprinkles
  • Candy Necklaces
  • Piping bags or plastic baggies
  • Lolly pop stick
  • Cellophane bags
  • Colored Ribbon (optional)
  • Colored Paper straws (optional)
  • Tags(Optional)
Before anything you need to get all the details together, starting with making the pacifiers for the pops. I used the white part of a candy necklace, because I could not find blue. This is the leftover candy which can work well for other colored theme showers.

But for this post and our purpose, this is how I made the "blue" themed pacifiers. I separated and laid out all the white candy that I would need.

In a small bowl I melted some blue chocolate candy melts. Please realize, you will be using a really small amount, so be mindful that you will have A LOT of this left over. You can always melt them and drizzle them over brownies or cookies for n additional shower dessert. (You do not have to add oil or anything to thin the melts out, since you want them to be a bit bobby and thick.)

After it's melted pour it into a piping bag and snip a SMALL opening in the end and fill in the hole of each candy piece.

This is what they will look like when they are finished. 

Put them aside and get your cake pops ready to be decorated. I coated mine in a white chocolate base.

In a small bowl melt a small handful of pink chocolate melts. Do not add anything to thin out the chocolate, you also wan these to be a thicker consistency. You will not use a lot, so you will also have quite a bit of these candy melts left over. When they are melted pour them into a piping bag and snip a small piece off the end.

This is how to make the mouth. I did this part in three parts, instead of all at once. Reason being that the chocolate will begin to set in the piping bag, so it was easier to do this in a few steps. To make the smile I held the pop upside down and drew an upside down smile onto the pop. I found it easier to pipe the chocolate this way. Find what works for you and do it how ever you feel most comfortable.

After all the mouths have been piped on, start assembling the rest of the face. I piped a small blob of the pink candy melts in the middle of the smile.

And this is where I placed the candy pacifier.

After all the binky's (Pacifiers) have been attached, you will add the pink confetti sprinkles for the rosy cheek look. I actually had a package of multi-colored confetti sprinkles which I picked all the pink out of for this favor.

Similar to how you will attach the pacifier, is how the cheeks will get attached  Just pipe a small amount of pink candy melt onto either side of the smile and press a confetti sprinkle onto each side

The rest of the detail is very easy. For the nose, melt a few white candy melts and put a small amount into another piping bag, just place a small dab in the middle of the face for the nose. For the eyes and the hair, you will melt the chocolate and put it into a piping bag and pipe two dot for the eyes and a swirl on the top of the pop for the hair. (Sorry for the lack of photos.)

But your not done yet! Jazz them up even more by wrapping each pop individually and coordinate colored ribbon and personalized tags. Really can they be any cuter???

If you really want to boost them up, cover the lolly sticks with color coordinated paper straws.

A perfect favor for such a wonderful event!!

Hope you enjoyed this post! If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below!

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