Saturday, October 27, 2012

More Ghost Poop {{ Halloween Treats}}

Halloween is days away, so for you last minute Charlies (like me most days), that still need a quick and easy Halloween treat or favor nothing is better or EASIER than this.

Ghost Poop.

Yes, I did a post on more Halloween themed poop. I think this is one of the Holidays that make this more acceptable than others, so it's okay...really it is.


I did make a template for this last year, which looks like this all done.

But thought that I would re-work it a bit, so you will actually have two options to print from. This is what the newer version looks like.

All you would need to do it print and cut them out. Folded over they measure 1-1/2 inches(h) x 3.75 inches(w) So you could attached them to cello bags or even small sandwich bag with a staple. 

Just be sure to fill the bag with mini marshmallows first :)

You could even fill a small bowl with mini marshmallows or regular sized ones and just fold over the label to be used as a food label

You can print either template out by clicking on the images below!!

Hope you enjoyed this post! If you have any questions,please feel free to comment below :)

Image Map