Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Halloween Party Pack {{Free Printables}}

So yes peoples, it's getting closer!

Halloween that is!

In honor of this fabulous day to make and create, I came up with some fun themed goods to dress up any type of Halloween celebration.

A party is always so much more festive with the right decor. So for a holiday that emphasizes dressing up...this is the way to go.

Let's begin with a "Happy Halloween" Bunting....

You can string this on any color ribbon or string that you like. It can add to any type of dessert table or just hang loosely a a back drop on a wall. You can print it on plain old paper, but a card stock or thicker type of paper will allow it to be more sturdy. Just print and cut, then fold the top over or punch holes in the eges to run ribbon or string through.

It's actually has four different colors; blue, yellow, orange and purple. So you can print out what ever combo you like or all of them to mix and match.

Next up is always my favorite...Cupcake wrappers.

I made three different versions....... a ghost.

A bat....(Bad picture...I know, I know)

And of course a pumpkin...

A neat little way to spice up plain old cupcakes.

Print which ever version you like and simply cut it out. These can also be printed on card stock for a sturdier wrapper, although to be cost effective you may just opt for plain paper, since they will be destroyed literally upon consumption of the cupcake.

There are two wrapper per each 8-1/2 x 11 sheet, so print whatever amount you need.

If your not into the whole cupcake wrapper thing though, you can still brighten up a cupcake or two or three with square cupcake toppers.

Each measures 2x2 and can be adhered to a lolly pop stick and placed into a cupcake. Just print ad cut them out. Like most of the other items these can also be printed on plain paper, although I choose to go with a thicker sturdier type of card stock, because I prefer the way it holds up better.

There is also an assortment to choose from.....

And last, but not least is drink labels. These are always fun to dress up plain old water bottles. They measure 2x8 and should wrap around any standard water bottle.

You could even use them on any flavored drink containers you may use to serve beverages. There are three labels per sheet in black, orange and purple, keeping with the color scheme or all the other party elements

All of the items can be printed by following the links below!!

Image Map

And in case you missed these earlier posts...this is what we have made for the Halloween season already, check them out!!!

Hope you enjoyed this and that this adds a wonderful element to you Halloween Holiday! If you have any questions please feel free to comment below...I answer all comments so please be sure to check back if you need an answer!!