Monday, October 1, 2012

Frighty Delighty......Halloween Partay

Like the new look for the Halloween season????

My hubbers came home from work last week, grinning with his "I have a great idea smile"and threw the name Frighty Delighty to me since it works so well with this month. And as much as it makes me nuts, his ideas usually are awesome, very much like he is!

And because people.....Finally it's October, which means not only am I due to meet my little man super de duper de soon, but Halloween is approaching....

I swear my eldest kiddo just started preschool half a minute ago.

But isn't that how time seems to speed up at this time of year as another holiday season descends upon us yet again.

Those of you having a Halloween party.......Well,  I made something just for you. Free printable invites, they are the start of  few goodies and other free printables I will be posting about as Halloween gets closer.

My goal this year was to get more Halloween  themed posts out, unlike last year which I only did this one , this one, and my pathetic attempt to channel my inner Iambaker, (which I found out didn't exist within me) with my version of  this failure of a cupcake.

At the time I had so many good intentions of doing so much more, but well, I also got real and discovered.....It's all about improving :) As time has gone by I have found what works for me in regards to posting and what works with my schedule  and I just try to stay consistent with that...for now.

So far for the Halloween season I have made...

So with just those three posts I mentioned above I am way past what I did last year and so much better :) I figured let me get in as much as possible before the little babes arrives  because who knows what will happen after his arrival.

With the invitations, I actually made two different kinds, because#1 I'm just annoying like that and #2 If given the free time I would make hundreds of different versions. Just because I find it so fun and relaxing and there are so many points of inspiration abound at this time of year that get my mental muscles a' twitchin. to create.

The basic color premise is the good old orange and black, but I also added in some purple and light blue because I liked it.

These can be printed on card stock, cut to size and filled out with whatever information that is needed. The measurements are 4.25x 5 and 5-1/2 x4, so they can be mailed out in a envelope that will fit those dimensions if needed. You can purchase both the card stock and envelopes at any local craft store and if your lucky with a coupon, get them super cheap.

There are two image per each 8-1/2x11 sheet of paper and you can print as many as you choose.

Super Easy!! 

Just click on the images below and it will take you to a new page where you can print out the invites!!!

Image Map

Hope you enjoy these!! And please check back next week for more Halloween inspired goodies!

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below!!