Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Back To School Labels {{FREE PRINTABLE}}

Just in case your wondering......

There are 35 days left until my baby boy arrives!

I've been waiting and waiting and waiting and time has seemed to drag on and on, but that is what seems to happen with time and the waiting process :)

But now, as I enter the last few weeks, I feel as though I am running out of time! There seems to be so much I still have to do, but mentally/emotionally it feels as though there is just not enough time to get all the things I want done.

Those "things" I am referring to are mostly cleaning and organizing. But those are ALWAYS at the top of my to do list. If seems as though as soon as I get a system down after countless hours organizing and cleaning, my two little ones come and unravel all that I do, all the while looking so cute doing it.

So in my mind I have decided that I will break down the last few remaining weeks into chunks of manageable tasks. I figure week by week I can focus on one room and organize what I feel needs to be done.

Truth be told, I am super uncomfortable and doing certain things that once required no thought, now require more brain power and ingenuity. 

Since I basically cut off my oxygen supply when I bend down to pick toys, shoes, clothes (INSERT ITEM HERE). Anything that needs to be pick off the floor requires a special grabbing tool my Father and I have nicknamed "The Nifty Nabber" I seriously have no idea how I would get items off the floor without it.

Ridiculous I know! So as I mentioned above...cleaning and organizing has become more "challenging"

But onto more fun stuff.... sticker Labels.

These are great for labeling anything from notebook to lunch bags and anything else you can think of in-between. And as you can see from my own little one....

Kids love stickers!! Mind you these are being used for something entirely different, but you get the idea :)

I made a few different versions, because I know everyone has there own style!

To follow up from last weeks post with the First Day of School Printable Signs; I made labels with the same colorful bunting style.

These are a smaller version of the label, the actual label size is 2-5/8 x1 and print out 30 per sheet. Enough to label over a months worth of lunches!! It is Avery label 5160. You can purchase them at any local crafts store or office supply store. We use them for everything!!!

 And because they are so colorful and fun I also made a larger version of the label. Avery label 5163. They measure out to be 4x2 and print out 10 labels per sheet.

Now because I know not everyone "loves" the cutsey stuff I also made some less cuter..more edgier stuff.

Does that even make sense?????

Skulls...These are also made in both the larger and smaller versions to print !

And even better than that is I also made them in PINK!!

You can print them all out from below!!!

Skully Labels......

Image Map

Some colorful bunting labels......

Image Map
Image Map

Hope you enjoyed this post!!! If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below!!