Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Monster High Happy Birthday Labels {Free Printable}

Guess what????

Only 56 more days until my baby boy arrives.
I'm excited, I'm sure you are too...or not.

Just humor me.

I don't mean to torture those that are not into the whole "Monster High" movement, but I'm going to for just another moment. Don't get mad at me though,  because a reader actually contacted me and asked me if I could make something similar to the different labels I made for the Snow White Inspired Princess Party.

So I said yes.

I do that sometimes, if I can AND especially if you ask nicely and say thank you.

I figure why not! I know how to do it, so I may as well contribute my two cents to brighten up someone's birthday celebration if I'm able to!

Please note though, these are licensed designs and characters from the series Monster High...DO NOT USE THESE for commercial use...they are for personal use. That means don't sell them, especially since you got them from here for free. (Seriously though...totally bad karma if you do.)

At some point or another I will put ALL the MH posts together into one, so those of you that want to print and create all this stuff, will have one place to do it from. But today is not that day, so let me show you what I have for you.

This is the basic rundown. I created small labels that coordinate with the Avery label 5160, it's the smaller mailing label. The larger label is Avery 5163, which is also called the shipping label. And then I created the water bottle label, which can be printed onto any type of paper (preferably something like a card stock), cut out, wrapped and attached with glue to any standard size water bottle. (Actual size is 2x8)

Wanna see how they look all dolled up?????

These are the water bottle labels and the small Avery mailing labels. You could use the smaller labels on any type of smaller drinks. For my daughter's Snow White Inspired party, I used these on Little Hugs drinks (quarter waters), which are great because they come in different flavors (colors), so you may be able to coordinate the color scheme.

But they aren't limited to just drink labels. They can be attached to cellophane treat bags and tied with a colored ribbon or placed on colored paper bags for the goodie bags.

I've also used them on larger bags to give out to kids to collect their loot when we have a Pinata. It's just another way to personalize something a little more if your hosting a themed party.

The Avery Shipping labels are a bit larger and can be used for whatever you can think of....

All together they add to any Monster High theme party and offer up a unique non-commercial way to personalized your party!!

You can print out the labels from the links below!

I hope you enjoyed this post! If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below!