Wednesday, August 29, 2012

First Day of School {{FREE Printable}}

As this hot, humid summer inches closer and closer to the Fall season all I can say is

Thank Goodness!!

I love the warmer months as much as anyone else, but it becomes more than I can handle as my irritable, pregnant self gets all bothered by the heat and the extra load I am carrying around at this point in time.

On a better note, there are so many wonderful thing to look forward to in the next few months; beginning with my  oldest daughter (She's three) venturing into the big wide world as she begins attending preschool!

I am a not 100% sure how I feel about this.

Although I can readily admit there are some moments when I feel as though I am spinning around in sheer joy,  sort of like Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music, as the idea of a little downtime from her constant energy and mischief curiosity take hold.

But those moments are closely intertwined with a terrible anxiety about letting her begin her journey.

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I get nervous about kids being mean, teachers being mean...life in general being mean. I think my heart would shrivel up like a prune, if anyone was to dull the radiant little ray of sunshine she is.

I know, I know relax....

It's JUST pre-school, but I'm pregnant and hormonal so allow me my emotional process :)

I have seen printable signs like this for quite some time and because like so many others, I wanted a fun way to track my children's journey through the many years of school that are to follow, I decided to make something in order to do just that!

I know that still today, I love flipping through my Mom's old picture albums looking back on the many  first day of school pictures. Each year my younger brother and I posed stiffly in front of our house, dressed in all our new clothes and shoes with our backpacks adhered to us.

Those pictures speak volumes of the anticipation and excitement that the day held and I am so grateful to be able to look back on that journey.

So I thought I would share these printable signs with you all, so that you too can track your little one's journey's. I made the signs starting with pre-school. You can fill in your child's name and year yourself.

They end with  the 6th grade....If you would like a printable for a later grade, please contact me and I will set one up for you.

They print out on a regular size sheet of 8 1/2 x 11 paper. I choose to print mine out on a thicker card stock type of paper, because it's a bit sturdier. You could even mount it or frame it after printing to ensure it holds up!

Because if your littles are like mine, then they most likely don't appreciate  importance of my obsessive nature and nagging to.....

Keep still.
a three year old to process, mine anyways :)


If you would like to print a copy for yourself, feel free to click on the appropriate links below the images (some of the links in the picture have become broken pver time for some reason,) and print it out!!


Here is a list of the printable links you can use as well! Happy first day of school to all the littles and those getting bigger!!
~ Pre-School
~1st Grade
~2nd Grade
~3rd Grade
~4th Grade
~5th Grade
~6th Grade

I hope you enjoyed his post! If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below!!!