Monday, July 23, 2012

WWE Raw 1000th epsiode!!!!

Tonight will premier the 1000th episode of RAW...and marks the begining of a three hour version of Monday night wrestling. That is a huge milestone so a big thumbs up to them for entertaining the likes of my hubs for so long.

I was a big wrestling fan when I was younger...I mean like who wasn't a fan of Hulkamania in the 80's???

I remember the big controversy between Mr. T and Hulk Hogan, when I believed that the drama infused show was real and my little heart went out to the Hulkster.

But then one of my fellow students felt the need to let me know it was all fake and my love affair with the world of wrestling ended there. I still to this day dislike that girl, (this is like thirty years later, I can hold a major resentment) but find comfort in the idea that she probably grew up to be that random person that ruins Christmas by telling kids "Santa isn't real dears"  sucking the fun out of life and hoping she got really fat and ugly and has no friends.


As this may be wonderful for wrestling fans (like my hubbs) it is less exciting for me.

But I know there are many out there that are super exciting for THREE hours of wrestling EVERY Monday Night (REALLY!!!!!) ....and this cake is for you!

I actually made this cake last Labor Day for my hub's cousins 21st birthday. But since then I've gotten a few questions on how I made it. At the point in time that I made this cake I didn't document my baking and decorating as well as I do now, but I can offer a basic breakdown.

If you have any questions, please just leave a comment below or contact me directly!

I started with a quarter sheet and half sheet cake and carved the belt shape. I made a basic outline using wax paper and just cut from that.

Half sheet for the middle quarter sheet on the ends (cut in half)
To get the "black" color of the belt I tinted chocolate butter cream with black gel food coloring. Black tends to leave a bitter aftertaste, so I went with the chocolate flavored frosting to over ride the bitterness. Crumb coat, let it crust up and then take your time and frost it smooth, smooth, smooth!

After you have it all frosted, I started on the plaque. It is made from yellow fondant which can be bought at most local craft stores. All I did with this was download an image, sketch it out to the size I needed and broke it down into a series of cut outs and shapes. You might be able to see from the picture below, that it is layered with shapes.

I traced through wax paper to make sure details were as spot on as possible, although I took some artistic licensing and altered what I needed to.  To get the gold and silver coloring I painted the fondant with gold and silver lust dust.

And then I started adding in the other details... Vanilla Butter Cream tinted yellow, red and grey. Yellow sanding sugar and pearl sprinkles for the jeweled effect of the CHAMP portion.

I outlined it with more gray butter cream adding in the pearlized sprinkles. And painted the name portion with black food coloring.

Because it was for a 21st birthday I added in that to the sides of the belt, instead of what is normally there.

This was one of my first major cakes, in that it included a lot of "firsts" so as gaudy as it may seem...It still holds a special place in my heart!

Congrats RAW for reaching the 1000th episode milestone.....and hoping you reach the 2000th!

Hope you enjoyed this post! If you have any questions, please feel free to leaved a comment below.

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