Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Christening / Communion Cupcake Toppers

Hope you all are enjoying your Summer where ever you may be in the world. I'm on Long Island, in New York and so far the weather has been hot,hot, hot; which normally wouldn't be such a biggie, but since I'm pregnant.

I am all sorts of irritable...and not in a nice way.

Thank goodness for pools and the instant cool down they provide, now if only I could get through the next few months living in the pool..hhhhhmmmmmm, I wonder??????

Onto the post now......

These cupcakes were made to be used for a boy's communion, but they could be used for either a communion, a christening or any type or religious occasion. They are a quick easy way to kick up the fancy, schmancy factor on a cupcake and make your treats look like you slaved over them for hours.

Best part is they are super de duper easy to make and can be made into girly or neutral toppers depending on the color scheme you choose to use.

I would suggest making these a few days in advance to decorating your cupcakes, in order to give them sufficient time to dry and set. They are sugar (a preserver of sorts)  based, so they won't go bad left out sitting. You don't want to make these the day of your special event, because the fondant will be droopy and soft and won't stand up so proud.

To make these this is what you will need....

  • Uncolored  Fondant
  • Gel food coloring...depending on your color scheme
  • Pearl sprinkles
  • Small cross cutter or hand cut the crosses yourself (more work, but doable)
  • Round cutter (Shouldn't be larger than 3')
  • Small food safe paint brush
  • Corn syrup
I know I mentioned the first thing you need is fondant, but don't freak out if you have never used it before..it sounds intimidating, but really it's not.

Fondant can be bought at most craft stores. I use a Wilton brand. I don't have a recipe for it, because in all honesty the store bought version serves my purposes for decorating.  I have found that with a coupon (50% OFF) I typically get it for a very cheap price and I often have enough for several projects. You can also buy colored fondant if you don't want to be bothered coloring it yourself; it's often sold in color combo packs, so if that is something that works for you go for it.

Otherwise begin by choosing the color scheme that you will be going with and color your fondant accordingly. Basically add a little coloring and knead it through, until is has all become the color you want. cover in shortening, if you have it and store in a plastic bag...well sealed at that. Fondant dries out when exposed to air, so keep it well covered until you are ready to use it.

I first started by rolling out the fondant for my crosses. Don't roll it too thin, make it easy to be able to lift after it has been rolled. If you find that your fondant is getting all sorts of sticky add a little powdered sugar or cornstarch to your work surface.

Cut out your little crosses and put them aside. If they appear a bit ragged on the edges, just pat them with your finger to clean them up.

Next roll out the fondant for your circles, these I tended to roll out a bit thicker, just because they are the main part and I wanted them to be a bit hardier. Using your circle cutter, cut out your toppers. If you don't have a circle cutter, just use something around the house that can provide you with the size you need. A Small drinking glasses can work, they just may make a messier cut, so you will have to pat the edges clean.

After theses have all been cut out add your crosses to the center. I attached them by brushing the backs of the crosses with a little water and placing them on top of the toppers. Once you have done this you can begin to add the pearl sprinkles. I bought these at my local supermarket, so you can probably find them almost anywhere.

I followed the lines of the cross when I added the sprinkles and then placed sprinkles in between those points.

And then I added in more in between those points. I do this because it allows me to make them more evenly spaced in the circumference of the circle and I get all sorts of OCD, if they aren't evenly spaced.

I added these with the teensiest, tiniest dab of water. You can also use a very small touch of corn syrup if you really want to make them stick. After you add each one, gently press them down to make sure they are in place.

This is just another color version of the toppers. I colored the pearl sprinkles blue, by adding a drop of blue gel food coloring to the sprinkles. It gave them a pearly blue finish. If you color the sprinkles, make sure you use corn syrup to attach them to the toppers, because using water will make the colors run.

Let the toppers dry a full 24 hours or until they feel sturdy enough and then decorate your cupcakes.

I use a large decorators tip to frost my cupcakes, typically a 1M or a 2D (my favorite). You can add a few colored sprinkles around the edges for a bit more flair and gently place the topper on. Push down lightly to ensure it is attached. You can store these cupcakes with the toppers on them, in the refrigerator. As long as the toppers have fully dried  they should not give you any problems sitting in the fridge. 

And that is it! An easy, fast way to spruce up cupcakes to make any special occasion even more memorable!

Hope you enjoyed this! If you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment below!

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