Monday, June 11, 2012

Father's Day Printable Package {FREE}

As I mentioned in a few of my older posts due to my pregnancy, I have been diagnosed with gestational diabetes.

It is in the very least annoying, but does have it's many perks.
  • I eat better.
  • Baby gets optimum nutrition.
  • I feel a million and one times better than I normally do.
But with that said...I miss baking fun treats and I miss decorating them AND I miss the creative outlet it gave me.


BUT I have discovered that there are other ways I can get my crafty, artsy fix going and one in which we all win.


Well yes....Since I am hosting a Father's Day Partay next weekend to celebrate all the awesomeness that is my hubbers and my children's Father as well as my own Dad, I decided to make all the fun decorations to kick up the appreciation level just a little, instead of all my usual baking and decorating.

And you can print the party pack out for you own use for free as well!!

This is what is included....

A "Happy Father's Day" Bunting.

A "DAD" sign.......I put mine in a frame, because I think it makes it pop a bit more, but you could also mount it onto something. It adds a little something to a dessert table or even a special breakfast celebration.

A folded tent card to match the sign.....I made this for my little ones to fill out and give to their Daddy. It's  empty inside, so consider it a blank canvas in which you can let your imagination run wild on; drawings, pictures of family, whatever you fancy!

Cupcake wrappers.....

These can also be used to wrap muffins or small fruit cups, if you choose to make a special breakfast.

Cupcake Toppers....

These also can be used to dress up a big fluffy stack of pancakes.....

All these can be printed out for free for your own use from {HERE} and {HERE}

You can use any paper, but I used a thicker paper, similar to a card stock because it's more resilient. I used simple string to hang the flag banner, and candy sticks for the cupcake toppers! To attach everything I used a glue gun. You could use anything, I just found it faster and easier!

I hope you enjoy this free printable pack I put together! If you need any help, please feel free to leave a comment below! 

I would also LOVE to hear your feedback on this one...hopefully all good :) 

Enjoy! And Happy Father's Day to all those amazing Daddy's out there!

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