Wednesday, April 25, 2012

How to Make Monster High Cookies

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I've been missing...I know!

My first excuse is that I'm preggers and just behind in everything, but my second excuse is that on top of that I was sick...not preggers sick. Just regular old annoying (really annoying) sick.

ButI also know that I promised that I would share how to make a whole bunch of goodies.

So lets forget all my super lame excuses and get on with it :)

Monster High Cookies...How cool is that!

I made these for my nieces 9th Birthday party, as favors. I was going to make the actual characters, but there is so much red, blacks and gray in them that I knew the cookies would taste bitter from the coloring, so I went with the characters corresponding skulletes. Which uses less of the bitter coloring.( Pinks, reds, blacks)

I also made other stuff (Like Monster High Cake Pops), but I'll save that for another post since this is going to be LONG.

You've been warned.

These were made in the way I've made royal icing sugar toppers in the past, like these and these and also these.

Same concept of using a template, except these are Royal Icing transfers that eventually get positioned on top of a cookie, instead of getting used as a topper on a cupcake.

Think layers.

They came out better then I even expected and have created a whole new obsession in my mind in regards to using transfers for cookies...time wise it just works in my overly busy life!

So lets get to it.....don't be intimidated...they are easier then they may look. (I promise.)

This is what you will need....

  • 5-6 decorating bags 
  • 5-6 couplers 
  • Skull template (I can help you with this)
  • Wax Paper
  • Pink, blue & black GEL food coloring
  • Decorating tip # 1, 2 , 3 and 5
  • Food safe Markers or a thin tipped food paintbrush (or toothpicks)
  • Sugar Cookies
  • Royal Icing

The best part about using transfers is that they can be made way, way, way ahead of time making the process  a bit more manageable if you are like me and very, very limited time wise.

The royal icing recipe I used is from Sweet Sugar Belle and can be found {HERE}. (Use the smaller recipe version to make about 10-12 cookies.) But you can use whatever recipe you are comfortable with.

The Sugar Cookies I used to make these were a Vanilla Sugar Cookie recipe from LiaLoa which can be found {HERE}. You don't have to use this recipe either, but it was good and if you don't have one of your own it will work perfecto!!!

To make the transfers print out the template which can be found {HERE}

Cover each template with wax paper (USE wax paper not parchment paper) and tape it to the template. This is what you will work from.

To trace each transfer I started with a #2 tip, which I used with my black royal icing. The consistency should be of piping consistency, which means thick but flexible enough where it doesn't break as you bend the icing.

Outline each character....but leave the smaller details to be piped after with a smaller tip. (The smaller details like Draculara's bows, Ghoulia's glasses, Lagoonas Scales...)

I actually used a PME 1.5 tip for the smaller details, but if you don't have that available use a #1 tip. Ghoulia's glasses are really thin and tiny, so take your time with her, the same warning to be careful goes with Draculara's bows.

After all the little details are done, switch to a #3 tip and trace the circle around each skull. Make sure you get a nice thick line, it will help act as a barrier later on when you add in the colored icing. After it has all dried you can start flooding the inner part of the skulls with white icing. The consistency should be a flooding consistency, thick and runny like honey. Don't worry about their eyelashes, that will be done later on.

After these have set up for a bit, you can start filling in the small details like bows and glasses, before filling the outer part of the skull with your pink and blue icing. I actually made three colors; using some leftover pink and blue to make a pretty purple. You can make them all one color if your prefer.....it's all up to you.

I let these set up through the night to ensure that they were fully dry. They can be peeled off the wax paper by pulling the paper away from each transfer. Be careful, because they are very delicate! I used a food safe marker to draw on the lashes, but you can also paint them on, using a thin paintbrush (food paintbrush) or a tooth pick using thinned black icing.

This is where the fun begins and my pictures get sparse..

It was really late at night and I wasn't thinking all that clear, so forgive me! When I make them again I will add in better pictures that fully explain each step. But if your unsure, just email me and I can help walk you thorough the next few steps :)

At this point hopefully you have cookies already made and ready to be decorated. To make these cookies I used a round cutter slightly larger that the transfers. The size of the cutter was 3 1/8". It was part of a set of circle cutters from Wilton. You can use any size as long as its larger than the 2.75" diameter of the transfer.

The recipe I used for the cookies was perfect, because it did not spread so much when baked.

And just a side note, when I first started decorating cookies I always rolled my dough thin...I found out later the benefits of rolling the dough thicker. This is the typical thickness of a cookie when I make them about 3/8" thick. I use wooden dowels when I roll out the dough to keep the size consistent! :)

Ok...moving forward. 

Line up a4-5 cookies and get some white piping consistency icing to outline them. I used a #3 tip and piped a nice thick line around the diameter of the cookie. Which I have no picture to show you :( 

Use your imagination though....I trust you can do it!

By the time you finish outlining all your cookies, they should be ready to be flooded/filled. With a #5 tip and flood consistency white icing, fill in the cookie. After you fill them all in, while they are still WET get your little skulls ready and place each transfer onto the middle of the cookie and gently wiggle it into place. Put them aside and let them set up as you finish the rest of the cookies.

With the leftover pink and blue icing, I used a #3 tip and piped little dots around the perimeter of each cookie. Fabulous, don't you agree :)

Packaged, tied with pink ribbon and tagged......this is what they looked like....Draculaura


Lagoona.. ..



All nestled together ready to thrill a bunch of nine year olds :)

Hope you enjoyed this, If  you have any questions please feel free to contact me or just leave a comment below!

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