Friday, March 2, 2012

Cookie Swap Cookies.

Cookies are something I sort of fell into and am thrilled that I did.

Last summer as I was browsing the internet I came across the site The Sweet Adventures of SugarBelle and after a few hours of browsing through her archives a new obsession was born.

When I started I knew nothing and realized I had A LOT to learn and I still do. But I love the medium of Royal Icing, I love how it flows and I love when I can get the ideas that swim in my mind onto a cookie or many of the cupcake toppers I make.

I was fortunate to be invited to participate in a cookie swap recently and was introduced to a fabulous bunch of ladies. We each were secretly matched up with a random person and got to create a few cookies for them.

My person was Diana from The Cookie Princess and these are the cookies I created for her....

Each of the participants had to answer a bunch of questions, so wee were able to base our cookie designs on some of the answers given. She mentioned she like roses..so I made my own version of them...

Diana is from California....so I though Sun, Sun and more Sun.

She also like hiking, which I assumed meant she liked being outdoors, so I made some butterflies...

And mini ones....

But my favorites are these sunbursts and polka dots....I used my new PME tips...which are AH MAZING...I could get lost for hours making small swirls and pretty dots.

Hope you enjoy!

And thanks to all the ladies that participated in the cookie swap...The Shaky BakerSugar T's Cookies,The Plaid Cookie Company,Little Lulu's ConfectionsThe Cookie Princess, Not Your Everyday Cookie and The Cookie Cutters.