Monday, December 19, 2011

December Randomness

I'm here I really am, my only excuse for my absence is that I'm busy.

Like, crazy OMG!! I'm losing my mind type of craziness. Brought on not by the holiday season or by the amount of baking and decorating I'm doing. But something more sinister and deceptive and also kinda cute.

My kids.

A two year old and a one year old, who frolic within the madness of my life. Once I get something down with them, like a schedule, they start to do the darnedest things like decide....

Not to eat
Stop climbing,
To paint the couch with sippy cups filled with milk
To rub peanut butter in their hair
And the list seriously goes on and on and on and on...

But I won't bore you with those details. Bottom line is they are a handful and a half....so they have been keeping me busy. But I have been up to some stuff, of course none of it related to the holidays, but stuff none the less.

A friend of the hubbers and I just had a baby girl. They also have a three year old that desperately wanted to have a birthday party for her new little sister in the hospital. So I was sequestered to create a bunch of miniature cupcakes to welcome her into the world!

Simple and sweet vanilla cupcakes with my Fantabulous Vanilla Frosting ruffled on top and some pearl sprinkles.

I was informed everyone loved them, including the lucky nurses on shift during the party :) Welcome to the world Meya Arianna....Happy Birthday!!

These were made for a friend twins..she has one girl and one boy turning five. Instead of going for a specific theme for each child, she decided to go with the colorful theme to keep things fair and easy :)

Colorful and vibrant vanilla cupcakes with tinted frosting and colored confetti sprinkles! But you can't forget the double chocolate ones....YUM!!!

And of course last, but certainly not least was more Monster High inspired cupcake toppers. If you are interested in making them yourself, you can find out how {HERE}

And for now....that's enough and all I have time for as, my littlest one has decided to not longer wear clothes or a diaper at 14 months....God help me!

I hope to be back soon churning out all the other stuff I have been doing. But if I by chance disappear for a bit I hope everyone has a wonderful Holiday and a Happy New Year!!!