Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Double Chocolate Cake Pops Dipped in White Chocolate

A friend of mine who was celebrating in our fellowship, sought me out to make these delectable, double chocolate cake pops. She felt the need to tell me they were like an "Orgasm" in her mouth, although I still believe that is TOO MUCH INFORMATION Kelly Ann... Delicious would have sufficed on my part...lol.

I'm a big fan of cake pops, they are relatively simple to make, but do take a bit of time to prepare. Because of this I don't often get to play around with them design wise as much as I would like. But they are super versatile and have so many potentials in regards to shapes and themes. 

Since I don't have a lot of free time to express my more quirky, artistic side, I tend to just use really good, yummy ingredients to make up for what they may lack in the fun, cute look department. You can make them too, by following along this simple how to make tutorial....

This is what you will need:
For these cake pops although you can use any cake recipe you wish, to save time I opted for a good old box recipe, but the choice is yours. When I use a box recipe I also CUT the amount of oil that the box recipe asks for and replace the difference with apple sauce. (75% apple sauce to 25% oil) I'm sure you can do this with any recipe though.

This is huge people......this one little change eliminates the need to refrigerate them, which in turn prevents them from cracking after you dip them and eliminates the oil from the mix oozing out from the pop.

When your cake has fully cooled, break it up into a bowl until it is finely crumbled. Add in the frosting and mix until it has all been incorporated, it will be very mushy looking. For one 13 x 9 or two 8" rounds, I use 2 tbsp. to a 1/4 cup of frosting. No more or the will be mush and on't hold there shape. You do want a nice balance of cake and frosting, and not just all of one or the other.  

I used two 8" rounds for this, although the picture only shows one.
If you add to much frosting and they will be too soft, and if you don't add enough and they will be too dry. The secret in making cake pops is adding in just the right amount of frosting, with some trial and error,it's easy to learn the right consistency! A general rule is add the least amount then adjust accordingly

Line a cookie sheet with wax paper and get started rolling out the mixture. I used a Tbsp. measuring spoon to scoop out the mix, this helps to keep all the pops roughly the same size.

I scoop it all out and ten roll them when I am done. Cover them with wax paper or plastic wrap and put them to the side. You do NOT need to refrigerate them.

Before you are ready to dip them, get your candy melts ready. I usually add in a teaspoon or two or shortening or oil  to keep the melted chocolate fluid enough to dip. Add shortening/oil a tsp at a time, once you get the consistency thin enough do not add any more, because then it will be too thin and won't coat the pop as well.

With your melted chocolate take the end of a lolly pop stick and dip it into the chocolate, then insert it no more than halfway in to the cake pop. This helps when dipping the pop into the chocolate..helps it to keep a grip :) It also helps to finish off the pop after it is dipped.

After the sticks have set, you can begin to dip them. When you dip them, dip the pop straight down into the melted chocolate until the whole of it is submerged and remove. To remove the excess chocolate you can hold the pop in one hand, rolling it and tapping it to remove any extra candy coating.

Place in something to hold it upright while it continues to fully set. I use a block of Styrofoam covered in plastic wrap, but if you don't have that on hand you can use what works for you.

After all the pops have been dipped you can go on to dress them up a bit with some decorating!

Not decorated, but still delicious !
I used melted dark chocolate to decorate these pops, it gave the stark white of the candy melts a nice contrast. I melted chocolate in a squeeze bottle and just piped a messy, zig zaggy pattern across the top.

This is how they looked when they were completely done...yummers!!

As I looked at them though, I began to think that the chocolate drizzle on top resembled hair a bit, so I added in faces to them.....ha ha!

Hope you enjoyed this! If you have any questions or just want to say hello, please feel free to leave a comment below to let me know you were here!

All together this recipe yielded 24 Cake pops.