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Butterfinger Cake Pops

I have no problem admitting that I have become somewhat of a woman that is obsessed, not in the typical bad obsession way, but in the obsessed with creating way.

If you've been following you've probably read all about the inspiration that came upon me with all my big bowl of annoying leftover Halloween candy a post or two ago.

Well I still have a bunch of candy left over....so I haven't stopped creating or obsessing.

AND this, well this is yet another of version of a cake pop inspired by my need to get rid of the candy...FAST and which totally made an awesome and delicious treat!!!

Have you every had a Butterfinger?????? That buttery sweet, peanut like, toffee flavor infused throughout a flaky, chocolate covered bar.

I'm not even sure of the flavor of one, but what I do know is that when added into a cake pop, they bring it to the next level!! Most of it dissolves into the cake part, giving it a rich deep flavor that carries throughout the entire pop. 

I sprinkled the chocolate coating on the outside with the crushed candy which is unmistakable to the signature flavor that only a Butterfinger possess.

Do your self a solid..make them and eat them...they're beyond fabulous!

To make them this is what you will need:

After you bake your cake and you have let it cool completely, you can begin to crumble it up into a big bowl. There should be no big pieces of cake when you are done.

For these cake pops although you can use any cake recipe you wish, to save time I opted for a good old box recipe, but the choice is yours. When I use a box recipe I also CUT the amount of oil that the box recipe asks for and replace the difference with apple sauce. (75% apple sauce to 25% oil)

This is huge people......this one little change eliminates the need to refrigerate them, which in turn prevents them from cracking after you dip them and eliminates the oil from the mix oozing out from the pop.

When your cake has fully cooled, break it up into a bowl until it is finely crumbled. Add in the frosting and mix until it has all been incorporated, it will be very mushy looking. For one 13 x 9 or two 8" rounds,I use no more than 2-3 Tbsp, if even that much. The key is you want to be able to shape them, but not have them be so moist with frosting that they can't hold their shape. The more you mix, they better they will be as long as you don't add to much frosting!

Put the mix aside and start chopping up your Butterfinger's into a fine mixture. Add to the cake/frosting and mix it until it is all incorporated.

Line a cookie sheet with wax paper and get started rolling. I use a Tbsp. measuring spoon to scoop out the mix, this helps to keep all the pops roughly the same size. Roll them out one by one and line them up on the wax lined cookie sheet until there is no mix left. Cover them with wax paper or plastic wrap and put them to the side

Whenever I use chocolate or a dark chocolate for dipping, I have found the best way to thin it out, without using oil is to use a dark chocolate, one with a high fat content...80% or higher, I use about a square or two, adding more if I need to and it works incredibly; adds an intense chocolate flavor and hardens with a beautiful shine.

More importantly it makes the chocolate flow beautifully and is so easy to dip into, with no streaks from oil or shortening.

With your melted chocolate take the end of a lolly pop stick and dip it into the chocolate, then insert it no more than halfway in to the cake pop. This helps when dipping the pop into the chocolate..helps it to keep a grip :) It also helps to give the pop a finished look after it is dipped. 
Dip the pop straight down into the melted chocolate until the whole of it is submerged and remove. Holding the pop by the stick, dip it into the chocolate straight down. I tend to pull them up and swirl them to help free it of excess chocolate. . You can also hold the pop in one hand, rolling it and tapping it to remove any extra candy coating.

To decorate them I simply rolled them in a small dish of crushed Butterfinger's before the chocolate sets, you can do this after you dip them.

Place in something to hold t upright while it continues to fully set. I use a block of Styrofoam covered in plastic wrap, but if you don't have that on hand you can use what works for you.

This recipe yielded approx 40 Cake pops.
They taste delicious and as the cake pop sits, the Butterfinger almost dissolves into the cake mixture lending it a sweet yet still crunchy experience when you take a bite out of it!!!

I hope you enjoyed this post! If you have any questions or just want to say hello, please feel free to leave a comment below!!

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