Saturday, October 1, 2011

White Chocolate "Ghost" High Hats

It's October....which means Halloween is right around the corner and with that comes so much FUN making goodies, goodies and more goodies! In honor of this spooky, yet spectacular time of year I made these for my hubby and the kiddies. Miniature white chocolate high hat cupcakes, disguised as ghosts......

I made miniature high hat cupcakes about a month ago and have wanted to try them with a white chocolate shell ever since! The whole ghost idea, just came about because of the Halloween season!
To make them I started with miniature cupcakes!

After they cooled completely I added the mounds of filling!

I actually made two batches of filling. The first (shown) are from the book Cupcakes! by Elenor Klivas. I also made another batch of filling using this recipe from King Arthur Flour. 
Let me tell you that the filling's are very different, texture wise.

The marshmallow filling from the Elenor Klivas recipe is more dense with a marshmallow feel, where as the filling from the King Arthur recipe is much lighter, less sweet, but none the less delicious, it piled up higher, but was more delicate that the other filling. My hubby said they tasted like the "Chocolate Bells' he used to eat as a kid when he would go to Brooklyn.

After the filling has set in the freezer for a bit, I simply dipped them into melted white chocolate. And after that set I painted on the mouth and eyes!

Either way you choose to make them they are always a hit! You could ask my kiddies, they can vouch for them.

Hope you try these out, they always have such a "Wow" factor and are so much fun to eat!