Saturday, October 15, 2011

Pumpkin Image in Cupcakes

I'm the first to admit that sometimes an "AwEsOmE" idea I may come up with, is nothing more than a bad idea that took on a life of it's own. The idea itself is one that thrives in Morgan land (that place deep in the gray folds of my mind that is filled with rainbows, butterflies and sweet little babies that actually sleep through the night)  but in the real world.....

Not so much.

So as much as I love to share my sweets and treats with you all, it's important for me to also share my not so sweet treats, this one was as I see it was an epic fail :) Now, first off, this is not an original idea, I have seen beautiful versions this done with hearts, polka dots, etc. all across the internet, and who knows maybe someone came up with a successful version of this one.....but it wasn't me, not this time.

But if you would like to take a shot in the dark and try it yourself, this is how I made these little suckers!
I took a regular box cake mix (Yellow) and divided the mixture.

In one bowl I added orange food gel coloring and in the other I added in cocoa and black gel food coloring. I used the cocoa so I wouldn't have to use a lot of the black food coloring, since it has a bitter taste in large amounts.

I filled two plastic bags with the colored cake mix...I do this because I find that it is just is easier to put into the molds and cupcake liners.

I filled this nifty little silicon pumpkin mold from Wilton with the batter and baked them up. I also filled them WAY too much, they should have been filled only 1/2 way. I just cut the top part off after they had baked and cooled to get them to look flattened.

With the remainder of my batter, I filled the cupcake liners a LITTLE bit, just enough to plop the pumpkins in.  When they were all in place I then filled in around them, covering them up. When they finished baking, you would have no idea of the little pumpkin hiding inside.

Cut them in half though and this is what you get!

Now like I mentioned earlier this is a great idea in Morgan Land (see above.) But in this reality there are a few problems......

  • Since the pumpkins are not three dimensional, you have to cut the cupcake exactly in half to actually see it.
  • In order to see it you also have to cut the cupcake correctly.
I think the two above are enough to make my point....fail on my part....something to work on :)

Hope you enjoyed my failure!