Monday, October 24, 2011

Little Girl Cake Topper

I had made a friend of mine some chocolate filled cookies about a week ago in celebration of her 4 year anniversary in our fellowship. I told her she had two options, she could share them with everyone...or hoard them all to herself. She choose to eat them all herself....smart girl!

She ended up loving the cookies and in turn asked if I would make a cake for her niece this past weekend in celebration of her third birthday. Her only requests were pink, blue, purple and the number three with Happy Birthday Madelyn. Basically she gave me an empty canvas to work on.....which I love!!! So this is what I came up with....

From the feedback  received from the Tangled Inspired Rapunzel Tower I did a few weeks back, I have learned that kids, as well as adults are very intrigued by fondant...simply because you can eat it and it tastes good. So I wanted to include that element with the cake.

It was a small cake, an 8 inch round, but because I wanted to include all the colors the birthday girl wanted, I decided to torte the layers and tint the vanilla flavored frosting I filled it with, blue, purple and pink. I don't have any pictures of the cut layers...sorry :(

This is a view of the fondant figure from the back.

I hate writing on cakes, I get all OCD and it just never seems even to me, so I try to avoid it when ever possible. Instead I used fondant letter cutters I had to make the Happy Birthday! From the messages I received after the party, it seems I made yet another hit of a cake!!

Happy Birthday Madelyn!