Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Monster High Birthday Cupcakes

I love all the different cartoon characters available to kids these days, I mean I had some great characters growing up,  but today they just seems so much more vibrant :) Which leads me to the next cupcake project I created as of late.

I just started experimenting with royal icing, truth be told what I know about it is limited to what I picked up from my Mother and what I find on the internet.....But the possibilities seem unlimited for it's creative uses. Hence the Monster High Birthday sugar toppers I created of this skullette to adorn the top of the cupcakes.

If you would like to make them yourself, you can find the tutorial HERE.
Or if you would like to make a cookie version of he different character Skullettes, you can find the tutorial {HERE}

The only other toppers I made using Royal icing, where made for the Darth  cupcakes I made a few weeks back.
But I can see that as I get more familiar with this particular medium I will be using it more and more in the near future.

monster high skullette cupcakes

I made a mixture of chocolate and yellow cupcakes, all with a ring of vanilla frosting rolled in hot pink sprinkles.  Skulls with bows...who would of ever thought that would be cute!!



Maggie Mae said...

These came out great...my daughter loves Monster High, she would love these!!!

Anonymous said...

So awsome!!!

cupsbykim said...

Thank you so much for this post. I had a customer as for Monster High cupcakes for her daughter's birthday. I had no idea what she was talking about. Then I found these!! Thank you so much! And your directions were so easy to follow!! Great Blog by the way!!

Mighty Morgan said...

Thank you Kim..... So many people e-mail me about them, that I figured I would share how I made them! I'm so happy that my post was helpful and Thank you for your positive feedback :0)

Anonymous said...

How do u get them to remain smooth

Mighty Morgan said...

Hi anonymous.....how smooth they come out depends on the consistency of your icing.....there is a reference on the monster high tutorial that explains consistencies. If you need more help email me and I will do my best to help you out!