Sunday, August 21, 2011

Miniature High Hat Cupcakes

My brother is moving to to another state at the close of this weekend, so to honor his departure and to wish him and his wife many blessings on this new exciting chapter of their lives together, both sides of the family got together to wish them both off on this new venture.

I love non-occasion desserts meaning I could choose what I wanted to make, instead of fulfilling a request of sorts; which brings me to these little pieces of deliciousness I decided upon....

High hat cupcakes...

But a miniature version of them. I had first seen them Bakerella's site and I made them using the recipe I found on Martha Stewart's site. (Although the recipe is originally from the book Cupcakes! by Elinor Klivas)

From the moment I saw those chocolate dipped peaks, filled with marshmallowy goodess....I had to make them!!

I decided to go miniature, because I felt as though they would be easier to handle when dipping them into the chocolate, which they were.

This is what they looked like prior to being dipped in chocolate...lovely mounds of soft, sweet marshmallow.

I made chocolate and vanilla cupcakes, since I felt the high hat would taste delicious with both flavors...This is what they looked like inside after being dipped. I was a bit messy with cutting it in half so forgive me for the bad picture. But just so you get the idea....

They were super good, but very sweet. The marshmallow filling was a bit too sweet for even my tastes, so I will probably try to come up with a different version of them the next time I make them. I'm very glad I went with the miniature version, since a whole regular sized cupcake may have been too much.

This is them all snuggled up together prior to making the trip to the party :)


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Carolyn Mustopa said...

And may I say that they were mighty delicious! LOVED 'em!

Mighty Morgan said...

Thank you Carolyn.....and the cake you made was delicious as well!!