Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hurricane Irene Cupcake Care Pacakges

Well as Hurricane Irene is blowing herself up the eastern seaboard of the good ole' USA., I've been baking in nervous anticipation. It's the way I gain control of a situation that I have no power over. I'm located in Eastern Long Island, New York which puts me and many others right dab in the track of the storm. Many of the communities that line our shores are being told to evacuate.

Which brings me to my cupcake baking marathon. Family members that had to evacuate have set up camp at my sister in laws; a family of six and two cats, all holed up till Monday morning. Me and my better half though it would make the storm go smoother if they had some sweets to munch on....Enter my Hurricane Irene Cupcake care package...

I made an assortment of Chocolate and Vanilla cupcakes; with different butter cream fillings and frosting. I also included my newest addition of flavored frosting, cake batter butter cream frosting. Yes, Cake batter butter cream frosting, and at that real butter cream frosting....mmmmmm about sums it up.

Cake batter vanilla butter cream frosting vanilla cupcake Hurricane Irene

The next care packages I made for my brother and law and my nieces and nephews, although my B.I.L will have to wait till the end of the storm to eat his. He's busy at work at Con Ed in NYC...helping to keep the lights on....or will be busy getting them back on....Thanks Jim! He had special requested these after I made them last weekend so, I made a batch just for him. Chocolate chip cookie dough filling/frosted cupcakes!
eggless Chocolate chipp cookie dough cupcakes Hurricane Irene

For my niece and nephew I gave them the standard fare of chocolate/vanilla cupcakes with vanilla frosting!!

Hurricane Irene Chocolate vanilla cupcake care package

I may lose electricity during and after the storm, so see you when this all is over!! I hope Irene ends up blowing away, but in the event she is as troublesome as they are predicting, please stay safe!!


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