Monday, August 15, 2011

Beach Theme Cake

It was very busy over here at Mighty Delighty the past few days, so I  have a few different projects to post about this upcoming week. First was a cake I made for a friend. Now my disclaimer is that cakes are not my specialty and I prefer decorating cupcakes, but if asked nicely I will do one from time to time.

In their defense, cakes do offer a larger canvas of space to create cool and creative images on, but also take me a lot of time to decorate. 

The idea for this cake was based on a beach theme, I wasn't to into the idea of the typical seashells and such and wanted to incorporate a bit of my own flair to the cake and this is what I came up with....

I used a a few different star tips to outline and fill in all the different aspects of the picture....simple but effective. This method always feels so old school to me and reminds me of the cakes my Mom would make for me when I was a kid.

All together I used 13 different shades of frosting, I left the sides plain white and just pipped a quick border along the top and bottom of the cake to break it up and to finish the edges a bit.

The surfboards allowed me to personalize the cake a bit for the recipients, the different numbers representing the ages of the three celebrants. I did not write "Happy Birthday" on the cake, because in all honestly I stink with writing on cakes, so I made a coordinating color topper out of craft paper; which of course there is no picture of.

Hope you enjoy!

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