Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Miniature Sunflowers

I love, love, love flowers, so one thing that is a constant is my representation of them....on cupcakes and such. My Mother has a pot of teddy bear sunflowers growing in her backyard that I have been obsessing over as of late; I finally broke down and made them tonight.

Decorating cupcake is something I thoroughly enjoy doing, but I adore decorating miniature cupcakes, there is just something so appealing to me about anything that is well, miniature. Especially things of a sweet and delicious nature, such as cupcakes and if you ask me I think they came out pretty sweet :)

Well, I'm adding this part in after the fact.....I kept thinking how the cupcakes just seemed incomplete and then I had one of the "ah ha" moments and added this little ladybug onto the cupcake.

It feels more complete this way.....as you can probably see by the shine on the frosting, it's getting hot and the frosting is getting soft...so enough of these little guys for now. Enjoy your day and stay cool!

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Anonymous said...

Love these..they are soooooadorable!